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You need to use videos in employee emails. Here's why.

Posted May 28, 2021
Written by Mariya

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Let’s clear up any doubts—employee emails are still one of the most popular and powerful internal communications tools. Right now, the bar is higher than ever to stand out in a crowded inbox.

Video is a great strategy to make sure your message stands out from the other 120 emails your employees receive daily! Video-based messages can increase click-through rates on your emails while letting you save content space and reading time. That means more time to do the actual work your internal communications are trying to inspire. 

Employee email video

Luckily you can create engaging videos in a few minutes with Clipchamp’s intuitive drag-and-drop video editor. When you’re done, embed the videos into your email with a video-friendly internal communications tool like ContactMonkey to easily take your employee emails to the next level.

4 reasons why you should start using videos in your emails

1. Increase open rates

Just how powerful are video-based messages? Well, consider the fact that simply using the word “video” in your subject line can increase email open rates by 6%. 

What’s more, having video in an email can increase click-through rates by 200-300%. So why is video content this effective? For one, videos are already the channel we turn to the most for everything from entertainment or learning. It’s an outlet we know and enjoy.

And that shouldn’t be surprising. Videos are more visually appealing and engage more of our senses. They create connections and draw attention through sound and animation. In other words, using video in your employee email will make it more compelling and memorable.

Phone screen shows a new email received - 3 creative ways to add videos to email marketing - Clipchamp Blog

2. Save space on content 

Employee emails should be for sharing important company announcements, events, and employee surveys. This means your email real estate is incredibly valuable.

So you don’t want to be taking up too much room with text-heavy content. Especially given that employee emails beyond 125 words could lead to your staff disengaging. 

With videos, you can include a lot more information while using up minimal space. In fact, a recent study showed that 1.8 million words of information could be conveyed in one minute via video.

While using video in your email allows you to conserve space by condensing information, you’ll need to be mindful of your video length. We recommend keeping your corporate videos under a minute. When it comes to business-related videos, 58% of people watch a video in its entirety if it’s less than 60 seconds. So keep it short, simple, and memorable. 

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3. Pass on info quickly and effectively

The biggest advantage of using video in your employee email is its ability to save time—both for your staff and your internal communications team.

Our minds process visuals about 60,000 quicker than old-fashioned text. This means that  videos let internal communicators get their point across in a fraction of the time.

Even more importantly, videos convey information quickly without compromising on retention. In fact, some studies show that an average person remembers 95% of any message when it’s delivered through video. 

Instead of describing complex processes and systems again and again, a how-to video embedded in your company newsletter can do the job much better. With Clipchamp, you can record your screen to make a tutorial video without leaving your email browser.

Pro tip: Repurpose the videos you share via email in an anthologized video library hosted on your company’s YouTube Channel, intranet, or employee app. That way, your employees can quickly refer to the materials in the future and stay in touch with important company know-how.

4. Create connections to improve company culture

Videos promote engagement and connection, unlike any other medium. By sharing videos in your employee emails, you can help strengthen your company culture and connect staff across teams and departments.

Videos promote a more authentic, human connection by eliciting strong emotional responses. They do this by tuning into sound, tone of voice, and body language. All the good stuff words alone can’t always convey. In many cases, that gives videos an advantage in conveying authenticity, building trust and creating a connection among your employees. 

Another thing to remember is that your audience is 1200% more likely to share videos than just text and graphics alone. They’re also more likely to re-share, comment, and like videos, which can build dialogue across your teams and strengthen company culture.

Take advantage of this directly within your employee email by adding in an employee pulse survey and commenting option. With ContactMonkey’s email template builder, you can easily add employee surveys alongside your embedded video to see reactions and build dialogue. 

Tips to edit videos for employee emails

Been avoiding creating videos in your emails because it feels challenging and time-consuming? That's fair but with an easy video editor like Clipchamp, videos are remarkably quick to make and can be quickly embedded into your employee emails.

Company culture

So how to film a corporate video? And how to edit a corporate video? How embedding corporate videos into emails can help? Here’s the breakdown:

1. Choose your topic and upload media files. Clipchamp has unique video templates for any topic. Once you know your focus, upload your media files or choose from Clipchamp’s stock content library. Using the video editor, simply choose and upload your desired video and audio assets and add them to your media library. 

2. Add titles and captions to your video. With Clipchamp, you can quickly overlay your video with text effects. In case you need a specialist to help you draft text effects that match your video's context, you can use a freelancer from Fiverr. You’ll also be able to add your company branding with logos, fonts, and company colors. 

3. Sync your video and audio files on the timeline. Just drag and drop your files onto your project timeline in the lower half of the editor. You can slice, trim, and synchronize video and audio files together in any way you like.

4. Upload your video to your company’s YouTube or Vimeo account. Don’t have an account? You should. A corporate YouTube or Vimeo account will let you store and access all of your company content in one place and let employees refer back to it later. 

5. Embed your video URL into your email. This part’s simple. With an employee email tool like ContactMonkey, just copy and paste your video URL from YouTube or Vimeo, and the editor will do the rest. Your video cover image will be copied automatically and a Play icon will come up on top of it, instantly linking it to the video content.

Want to compare video emails to non-video emails?

Still have doubts about the advantages of video-based emails over text-based emails?

There’s an easy way to weigh it up. Simply use an internal email tracking tool to gather analytics on a text-based email campaign over a set period. Then, do the same for an email with embedded video. Use an email campaign comparison tool to see the difference. You can use compare campaign features in email trackers to see if one campaign outperformed another and pinpoint exact areas for improvement. 

Spoiler alert: video-based emails will come out on top.

Start making videos for employee engagement

Videos can help connect your people, create a cohesive company culture, and teach complex information — all in a matter of minutes. Get started with creating and sending engaging videos to your employees now.

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