Video File Sharing – Now Simpler Than Ever

Posted July 5, 2016
Written by Tobi Raub
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For the last couple of months, our team members have been working tirelessly to maximise the potential of the Clipchamp video API in order to provide greater value for our users.

In the process and taking inspiration from user feedback, analysis of how the API has been used in the wild and adding a little creative touch of our own, we decided to create another innovative video tool for both consumers and businesses.

Introducing the Clipchamp Video Request

Thus today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new video sharing application called Clipchamp Video Request. Through it, anyone can request video files by simply creating a unique link and sharing it with whoever they want to collect videos from.

They just need to send the secure hyperlink to their friends, family, work colleagues or clients, and let them upload video files. All videos get sent directly to the link’s creator.


Clipchamp Video Request is similar to a basic version of the Clipchamp API and allows the link’s creator to collect and receive video files from anyone, which are then directly submitted onto either the link owner’s designated YouTube channel or Google Drive account.

Looking for a way to send large videos or collect many videos from a group of people? This is it.

People who send videos to the link owner can either upload a file they already have on their device or they can record a video on the spot and submit it.

Running a video competition? Wanting to collect video feedback from your users? Collecting holiday or wedding videos your friends took? The Clipchamp Video Request is the answer.

Large videos that get submitted via the link will get compressed at no visible quality loss before they get uploaded, making the files much smaller and uploading them much faster.

Whether the link’s creator is collecting videos from one person or 100, all of them are organized into one YouTube channel or Google Drive folder nominated by the link owner.


When a new video is uploaded, the link owner gets notified via email.

Endless Possibilities

The Clipchamp Video Request can be used in a variety of ways such as a hyperlink for submissions on an email campaign, or as a button on a landing page or website.

It removes the most common issues surrounding trying to email or send large video files from all over the world to one person or digital location including file size and upload speed.

In order to use Clipchamp Video Request, see the options available.

Setting a Video Request will provide users with a unique hyperlink which they can publish or directly send to anyone they wish and which, when clicked will lead the recipient to a page where they can upload a video file directly or record a video, then upload it.


Whether you’re collecting videos from family and friends after a holiday, receiving footage from work colleagues in order to create a marketing video, or are attaching your link to a job advertisement in order to receive video resumes, there are many uses for the Clipchamp Video Request.


The beauty of it is that all video files that get submitted through a Clipchamp Video Request get sent directly from the submitter’s device into the link owner’s YouTube channel (as a private video that the channel owner can check before publishing it) or Google Drive account. Same as with our API, Clipchamp never has access to the videos and they never get routed through Clipchamp’s servers, setting us apart from any other provider.

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