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3 Customer Retention Strategies using Video – Customer Success Managers Edition

Posted December 21, 2020

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Gaining the trust of new customers can take a great deal of time and company resources; although once you provide them with a standout product or service that they love, customers are likely to repurchase from your company. That’s why implementing video marketing into your customer retention strategies is vital to operate a successful business and gain loyal customers.

Learn about Clipchamp’s top three ways customer success managers can use video marketing to engage target audiences, increase client retention and develop a successful customer retention strategy below.

  • What does a Customer Success Manager do?

  • 3 Customer Retention Strategies using Video Marketing

  1. Using video marketing for sharing brand announcements 

  2. Using video marketing for increasing customer loyalty

  3. Using video marketing to increase customer retention rates 

What does a Customer Success Manager do?

Picture a customer success manager to be a mentor for your current and new customers, pre-sales and post-purchases. A customer success manager helps guide and support customers through the entire sale process by forming a direct relationship with them. They work on advising buying decisions and onboarding new users after their first purchase.

Customer Success Managers Discussing Products, Services, Sales - 3 Customer Retention Strategies using Video

In the past, this was a job for the account manager, but more companies have recently shifted the responsibility to a customer success manager. A customer success manager is a key brand touchpoint as they advocate to create loyal customers instead of one time buyers, therefore increasing customer retention. Video marketing is a new and creative marketing tactic that’s becoming popular among customer success managers to increase their customer retention.

3 Ways Customer Retention Strategies using Video Marketing

There’s no denying that today’s consumers are more than likely to be visual people. Here are three ways of how customer success managers can use video marketing to increase customer retention and turn social media viewers into loyal customers. 

1. Customer Retention Strategy: Using video marketing for sharing brand announcements

When you release a new product, service or move to a new office space, you’re usually very excited about sharing the good news. If you’re excited, your customers are likely to be as well. Customer success managers should share important updates via video to capture the attention of your community, stay in touch with customers and become top of mind. 

Would you rather learn about a brand's new product from a captivating video or a wall of boring text? This is one of the easiest customer retention strategies for businesses as they are fast to create yet extremely effective to increase customers.

Whether Apple is promoting the new iPhone or MacBook, the audience's attention is captured immediately, even if they aren’t interested in purchasing. Introducing the new MacBook Air promotional video is a great example of an effective and exciting way to present the product to customers and excite them about the upcoming launch. The video displays the new product in its best light by showing off its sleek appearance, focusing on all the core elements it has to offer. The voiceover describes each new feature while viewers watch the graceful visuals. Videos make it easier and faster to educate customers.

Introducing the new MacBook Air - Apple 

2. Customer Retention Strategy: Using video marketing for increasing customer loyalty

Video creation has become the most popular tool in business marketing right now. It is the key ingredient to grow your business, increase customer loyalty and turn one time customers into brand ambassadors. Client retention is a priority! If customer success managers use this customer retention strategy correctly, video marketing can do so much more than just inform and educate customers on a new promotion, product or service. Customer success managers can tell a story about their company that your viewers and target audience can relate to, and pitch why they should choose your brand to purchase from. 

70% of consumers say they have shared a brand’s video that they have purchased from and 54% of consumers want to see more videos from their favorite brands. Using informative yet personal video marketing is a great way to increase customer retention. 

Dollar Shave Club definitely leaves a lasting impression with their latest brand awareness marketing video. Before we dive in, you may want to throw on a pair of headphones before pressing play. Dollar Shave Club is not shy from controversial language. In saying this, the company is confident in knowing their target audience and the global problem they’re trying to solve with their product. 

This video pitches to a young, professional demographic who already purchase razors at their local store. They highlight the ridiculously high price most of us are paying for store-bought razors, and showcase why their brand can save you money. Dollar Shave Club showcased their latest products by the founder himself, explained the historical story about their company, who they support (employees who were struggling to find work) and how their company will serve you well. They have made this ad as relatable as possible. most likely increase customer loyalty, awareness and lifetime value. 

Dollar Shave Club 

3. Customer Retention Strategy: Using video marketing to increase customer retention rate

It’s very likely consumers search up explainer videos on the internet rather than lengthy tutorial articles. Videos leave a stronger message with viewers as visual material is far easier to comprehend and a lot more entertaining to watch. The average viewer spends 88% more time on a website with video content and 72% of people would rather learn about a product or service via an explainer video. Video marketing is a powerful tool to convince customers to stay loyal to your brand, either by reminding them to renew their subscription, sharing the brand's history or promoting a new product. Digital marketing is essential to your customer retention strategy as it engages your target audience and turns them into loyal customers. 

Emotionally driven videos for increased customer retention

When creating your customer retention strategy, remember that emotions can keep your audience engaged and invested in video marketing. Although they don’t always have to leave them reaching for the tissue box. Humour generates uplifting emotion too which can connect with your target audience and increase customer retention. As a customer success manager, try and do your best to include some emotional slant into video marketing when possible. It will help boost customer engagement and client retention rates. 

The Power of Words 

Personalized videos for increased customer retention

The average client retention rate for personalized videos is 35% higher than for non-personalized ones. Positive customer experience allows businesses to engage with more customers in a direct, one-on-one manner. It’s a highly powerful and effective customer retention approach as you can customize your message to a single person’s needs. If your customers have a great experience, they will likely repurchase. Therefore increasing customer success and generating a longer customer lifetime. Checkout our How to Increase Customer Retention Rate with Personalized Videos blog for more tips on video marketing strategy. 

Facebook Personalized Video

Let’s get started creating videos!

Customer success managers should always include digital marketing in customer retention strategies. Start making videos and be a high performing customer success manager! You don’t have to be an editing wizard to create a meaningful explainer video. Clipchamp offers an awesome array of ready to use templates to ease your editing process. If you already have a video but it’s too large to upload, try out our compress feature! Easily compress large files with Clipchamp’s online video compressor. Increase customer lifetime and create a digital marketing campaign today.

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