About Christie Passaris

Christie Passaris is an SEO program manager and video marketing expert with a passion for empowering creators to make awesome videos.

Articles by Christie Passaris

How to Make Video Ads for TikTok

August 18, 2020
TikTok (also known as tickytok, toktok and tiktak by parents), was the second most…

Our Guide to the Best Video Hosting Sites

August 11, 2020
Have you created a stand out video but are unsure of where you should upload and…

Introducing Our Freehand Video Editing Tool

July 21, 2020
You asked, so we’ve delivered! Introducing the newest (and most requested ) video…

The ultimate guide to YouTube descriptions

July 14, 2020
Want to optimize your YouTube descriptions? Whether you’re creating a YouTube video…

How to Make a Podcast Video with our Audio Visualiser

July 8, 2020
We all love to listen to podcasts. Whether it’s in the car on the commute to work…

How to Make a Music Video with our Audio Visualiser

July 2, 2020
A great music video can turn a musician into a cultural icon – who could forget…

How to Make Video Ads for LinkedIn

June 16, 2020
The popularity of video ads is soaring across mainstream social media platforms like…

How to Create Online Presentations with a Webcam

June 11, 2020
Whether you’re creating a webcam video to share information with colleagues, teach…

An Expert's Guide to Webcam Recording

June 2, 2020
Webcam recording is an essential part of your video recording toolkit. Whether it's…

How to Make Background Videos for Your Website's Homepage

May 24, 2020
All across the internet, static website pages are becoming a thing of the past…

Our Guide to Producing Product Demo Videos

May 14, 2020
Product demo videos are a simple and effective tool to show products to potential…

How to Move Your Food Business Online with Video Marketing

May 7, 2020
Restaurants and cafes have had to recently close their doors to the public and limit…

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