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Branding Your Videos

Your branding affects what people think about your company. Branding should raise awareness and build trust and loyalty with your customers. But, it’s not just about your logo. Branding extends to the way you talk to your customers, your design, offers, perspective, content topics and more. In this blog, we’ll discover how you can easily brand your videos using Clipchamp’s new Logo feature, and create effective brand consistency through an ace video content strategy.

Allow viewers to immediately recognise your company video by using your logo in the left or right corners. We recommend to include your logo in every video to achieve maximum brand recognition. Besides, our new Logo feature let’s you easily brand your videos in just a few clicks!  You’ll need to upgrade to either our Business or Business Platinum plans to use this awesome feature.

Once you’ve signed in, start a new project:

Create new project

Inside the editor, you’ll see the option to add your company logo in the side panel menu.


One you have uploaded your company logo, you can:

  • change the size,

  • rotate and flip,

  • set the transparency,

  • select the positioning,

  • use transitions,

  • save for use across all your future videos.

Here’s an example of how you can position your logo in the corners of your videos:


If you’re stuck, watch this quick tutorial to learn step by step how to add a logo to any video project.

2. Colours and fonts

Use the same colours and fonts across all your videos. The colour might be in your logo, so use a black or white background. If you have a monochrome logo, then use a splash of colour for the background. Remember to contrast a light logo with a dark background and vice versa.

Similarly, for titles choose an easy to read font that reflects your brand and compliments your logo, and stick to it for all your videos.

3. Tone of voice

Consider the tone of voice in your video as this will affect the way your brand is perceived. Is it professional or casual? Bubbly or serious? We recommend to use the same tone across your all your videos, audio and written content to achieve a united brand image.

4. Video topics

Remember the key message you want your viewers to take away from the video and make sure that this resonates with your brand.

Ready to get started? Start branding your videos with Clipchamp.

Happy Creating!

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