CEO Worldwide Offers Easy Video Recording Through Clipchamp’s JS Webcam

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We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our users to record a video directly from our website.Together with the direct upload to our YouTube channel, this saves us a lot of time and server resources.

Michael Liebs, CTO at CEO Worldwide

CEO Worldwide is a global recruitment agency specialising in hiring interim managers and permanent executives as well as placing iCEO investors who are ready to invest into the company where they are taking up their next executive position. CEO Worldwide was founded in 2001 by CEO Patrick Mataix and is using Clipchamp’s JS webcam on their website. 

Clipchamp spoke to CEO Worldwide’s Chief Technology Officer, Michael Liebs, to hear his thoughts on the Clipchamp API plug-in. 

“CEO Worldwide was originally motivated to use Clipchamp’s JavaScript webcam API because we were looking for an easy-to-use, one click solution for our certified iCEOs to record and upload videos on our website”, says Michael Liebs.

Easy video recording functionality

“Our iCEOs needed to be able to record and upload a video directly from their desktop computers, and be able to present themselves and business cases they solved to possible clients,” said Mr Liebs.

“After testing various other solutions trying to solve the issue of recording a video directly from our website, I was very happy once I found out about their JS webcam recorder.”

Clipchamp’s API was “easy to set up, only has one button the user has to click, is supported in different browsers, and provides direct encoding and upload to YouTube”.

“Implementation was quick thanks to the online documentation and the API offered enough possibilities to easily integrate into our website.”

JS webcam solving specific pain points

When asked what specific pain the Clipchamp API solves for his organisation, Mr Liebs stated that it helps streamline their video recording process by allowing a “direct upload to our YouTube channel instead of uploading to our servers first and it is as simple as possible to use for our registered users”.

When asked what features of the Clipchamp API Mr Liebs’ organisation found most useful he said the “One-click recording;  as we wanted to make it as easy as possible for our users to record a video directly from our website, and the direct upload to our YouTube channel, as this saves us a lot of time and server resources”.

Mr Liebs finished up by saying that “working with the Clipchamp team has been a great experience, once support was needed they offered competent help and answers within hours”.

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