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Clipchamp Pro Tip: How to Upload to Multiple Video Platforms at Once

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The screenshots below are from an outdated version of Clipchamp.


Uploading a video to more than 1 destination can quickly turn into a time-consuming and tedious process as you have to go to each video sharing platform individually and upload your video to one after the other.

And if you start more than 1 upload at the same time in separate browser tabs to make things more efficient, these uploads compete for your upload bandwidth, making each one slow down significantly.

In the most recent version of Clipchamp, we introduced a nifty new feature that can help you overcome this problem – queued uploads to multiple video sharing sites.

What this means is that you can upload to (currently) 4 popular services directly from inside Clipchamp – YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Google Drive – saving you the hassle of individual uploads and avoiding slow parallel uploads altogether.

We built it in a way that lets you trigger your uploads even before your video has finished processing. As soon as the processing step is done, uploading to all services you selected starts automatically.

Assuming you already know how to select an input video and are familiar with starting the video conversion, compression or webcam recording process in Clipchamp, here is what queued uploads to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Google Drive look like:

As soon as you hit the Start button and the video processing has kicked off, you can select your upload targets

To do this, hover your mouse over “Share Video” and select the destination you’d like to send your video to.


For each of them, you can choose a video title, description and audience*.

The 2nd screenshot below shows publishing options when uploading a video to Facebook. These vary depending on which video sharing site you’re uploading the file to.

If you leave title & description blank, Clipchamp will upload the file with a generic title and no description.

When you’re happy with the title, description and audience you selected, hit the Publish button, which will queue the upload.


You can send files to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and Google Drive.

All uploads you initiate will get queued while your video is getting processed.


As soon as the video compression is done, uploading will start

You’ll get an instant link to each video that’s finished uploading as well.


And this is how your video will appear in

Your YouTube Channel






And Google Drive


That’s how easy it is to upload a video to more than 1 video sharing site at once, we hope you’ll find this feature useful 🙂

*Please note that the first time you’re uploading a video from inside Clipchamp, you’ll have to log into your account at the service you want to upload to – YouTube Vimeo, Facebook or Google Drive. Clipchamp will remember this for all future visits though so you only have to do it once. To see an example of what that looks like, please see this post about faster uploads to YouTube.

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