10 Ways to convert customers online

Posted June 20, 2017

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    To the casual observer, Internet marketing can take its time trying to convert customers online. People who walk into a brick-and-mortar store can’t return instantaneously anytime they want to browse the selection again. Brick-and-mortar shoppers also can’t show up to the store in the middle of the night and fill their shopping carts, for the most part. The 24/7 nature of the Internet would seem to suggest that customers take their time when making a decision. There must be a reason why people use tools called “browsers” to access the Internet, right?

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    Yet Internet marketers shouldn’t be lulled into thinking they can take their time trying to land a customer through their websites. That’s because, websites rarely have more than one opportunity to convert customers online. Internet marketing firm Straight North have examined more than 350,000 website conversions, discovering that in more than 80 percent of cases, website conversions happen on the visitor’s first visit to the site. Once a visitor navigates away from the page even once, the odds that he or she will convert drop significantly.

    The lesson for anyone with a lead generation website is clear — those websites need to be optimized to drive visitors to convert on their first visit. That means, paying close attention to more than just one or two features of the site, too. A high-performance lead generation website needs to be high performance from the ground up — from the video content that adds a personal touch to the forms visitors fill out to become customers. The following presentation explains exactly why the first visit is so critical for conversion and some surefire strategies Internet marketers can use to take full advantage of the opportunity. The window is smaller than it appears, so make sure you don’t let it close on you. In addition to this, make sure your website feels secure for users to purchase from. Think WP SSL certificates, secure payment portals, and even identity theft protection services.

    10 Website Tips for Converting on the First Visit by Straight North

    Brad Shorr is Director of Content Strategy for Straight North, which provides SEO and PPC services, and is a leader among Internet marketing companies. Shorr has more than 25 years of marketing, sales and management experience, and has been featured on reputable sites including Forbes and Entrepreneur.

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