How Clipchamp is helping to find Australia’s youngest entrepreneurs

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We interviewed Kidpreneur Queen, Gemma Alker, on why the search is on for Australia’s youngest entrepreneurs.

What is Club Kidpreneur?

Club Kidpreneur is a not-for-profit social enterprise that makes entrepreneurship accessible to Australian primary school-aged kids. Club Kidpreneur provides a cross-curricular school program that is aligned to the national curriculum and runs a national pitch competition called the ‘Kidpreneur Challenge’ for years 4, 5 and 6 students. Our goal is to nurture, showcase and celebrate the innovation capacity of Australia’s top young entrepreneurs.

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How does the Kidpreneur Challenge work?

The 10-module programme is delivered by teachers in class or parents after school and runs across one school term. Kids are equipped with a Business in a Back Pack and use the Ready Set Go curriculum to complete the Challenge Program. They build their own businesses, develop a product and sell it at a Market Day hosted by the school. All profits are donated to a charity of the school’s choice. To date, kidpreneurs have raised more than $600,000 for charity.

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How do Kids pitch their ideas?

The kids present their pitch via video, and the top 50 most viewed videos on our YouTube channel Kidpreneur TV qualify to be judged by a panel of entrepreneurs. We use Clipchamp’s JavaScript camera API to collect the videos safely and securely, and videos are uploaded directly from their computer to our channel without passing through Clipchamp’s servers. They are automatically compressed and converted to our preselected format, which makes viewing and assessing the videos easier on our end. The top 10 winning teams are rewarded with real world business experience through a one-day internship at Moose Toys headquarters in Melbourne.

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Kidpreneurs selling their products at Market Day.

How will Club Kidpreneur change the way entrepreneurship is taught in schools?

Club Kidpreneur teaches entrepreneurship and business skills to young children, aged 8-12 years, in a fun, engaging way. We believe it is extremely important to nurture the open-mindedness, creativity and enthusiasm of kids and empower them to become entrepreneurs as early as possible to prepare them for their future after school. Videos can be a great tool to work with the school projects.

How will Club Kidpreneur affect the startup culture in Australia?

If we want to create a sustainable future for Australia’s next generation, we need to empower kids to become producers not consumers. Club Kidpreneur gives kids their first taste of business and provides them with real world experiences through our amazing partnerships. Nurturing a culture of innovation early on can only benefit the startup community of Australia.

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