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How to Embed Video in Word Versions 2007- 2016

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Whether you’re a professional trying to make your portfolio stand out or a student wanting to get that extra mark on your college paper, embedding video in Word can be a great way to engage readers from right inside the document.

Here are the ways to embed video in Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 using video files from your computer or online.

Embed video in Word using local files

The easiest way to embed video in the older versions of Word is to use local files. Follow these steps to embed video in Word 2007 and 2010.

1. Open the Developer Tab

If you don’t have a Developer tab, you may need to customize your Ribbon in order to display it (Step 2 and 3). If you have the Display tab already, jump straight to Step 4.

2. Customize the Ribbon

Right click anywhere in the Ribbon section at the top of your screen to show the drop down menu. Select Customize the Ribbon.

3. Select the Developer Tab

Under the Customize the Ribbon settings, check the Developer box and select OK.

4. Go to Design Mode

In the Developer tab, select Design Mode. 

5. Select Legacy Forms

Select Legacy Forms– the briefcase with the little hammer and spanner icon.

6. Select More Controls

Go down to the bottom right and select More Controls. 

7. Select Windows Media Player

Scroll down until you see Windows Media Player,then select OK.

8. Adjust the Box

A little black box with player controls should appear in your Word Document. You can adjust the size of this box using the squares on each corner and side.

9. Go to Properties

While still in Design Mode, select Properties and a box should appear like the one above.

10. Type in the URL for your video file

You can find the URL for your video file in your computer’s File Explorer, simply copy and paste it into the box next to where it says URL and then click on the x to exit.

11. Exit Design Mode to play your video

Don’t be alarmed if your video doesn’t show up right away, you need to click Design Mode again in order to exit it and view your video. The video can take a few moments to load.

And that’s it! Use the buttons at the bottom to play and adjust the volume like normal.

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Embed video in Word using online video

The easiest way to embed video in the latest versions of Word is to use online video. Follow these steps to embed video in Word 2013 and 2016!

1. Insert Online Video

Go to the Insert tab and select Online Video. 

2. Select where you want to search for the video

Select from Bing, YouTube or Video Embed Code to search for your video.

3. Type in the name of your video

Type in the name of your video and click the search button to find it.

4. View search results

Click on the magnify glass to preview your video before selecting.

5. Insert your video

You have the option to watch your video, and if you’re happy with it, go ahead and Insert. 

6. Position your video in Word

Use the Layout Options button on the side of your video to adjust where your video sits in relation to the text in your document.

7. Crop your video (optional)

Select your video and go to the Format tab, then Crop your video to eliminate those black lines above and below the image.

You should now be able to watch your online video from right in the Word document!

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