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How video interviews with experts can help your brand

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Want to develop your brand as a thought leader in your industry? 

If you’re starting out, LinkedIn is an ideal platform to grow your professional credibility (especially LinkedIn Stories that can keep you on top of the feed). 

At the heart of LinkedIn is networking and “a man is known by the company he keeps” and that’s exactly the logic behind how video interviews with industry experts can develop your brand as an industry thought leader.

How can watching interviews make people trust your brand and remember you? Let’s explore this video idea further. 

Making interview video with industrial experts

Establish your credibility and authority

Consider inviting an influential guest with a strong social media presence to have a candid chat and share their expertise through the interview.

Interviewing a specialist in your niche can give you a competitive edge and grow your authority as an expert. Collaborating with those who are already established in the community is a great way to make your presence felt.

For instance, if you have a digital marketing blog, you will massively increase your credibility if you interview a professional who runs a global or local SEO agency with a vast clientele and high amount of followers. The same approach applies to video interviews and the traction on media guru GaryVee’s YouTube channel proves it!

Increase awareness and reach

Interviewing experts helps to broaden awareness for your brand and your website (if that’s a part of your pitch). 

Each expert you interview comes with their own followers who are highly likely to engage with the content. When these followers get to know about yout, they will surely visit your website or LinkedIn profile to watch the interview. This will automatically increase your brand awareness and website traffic. And assuming your website is packed with value and information, they will stay, look around your website, and probably even book a consultation to become a new client. 

One interview can create opportunities 

Interviewing an expert opens up many more opportunities. Not only can you ask for introductions once you’ve built a relationship with an expert, you might also find requests popping into your inbox to be featured next!

It's a kind of a snowball effect where one interview gives the opportunity for another. 

By interviewing many experts, you’ll can gain visibility with their followers. The more experts you interview, the more reach you’ll generate--provided your content is high quality!

A pretty good example is ABC host Jimmy Kimmel. No actor, entertainer or performer would say no to be a part of his show!

Converting expert interviews to leads: how podcasts do it 

When looking for inspiration to convert viewers into leads, podcasts are a great source.

Podcasts follow the same strategy to convert their listeners into their customers or website traffic. When interviewing experts, a whole new audience gets exposed to your brand.

Podcast hosts often include the call-to-action to visit their website or sign up to their platforms in the beginning and at the end of their recording. Listen to podcasts on Spotify or YouTube podcasts and you can learn from how they use this method!

How to request a video interview 

Start with looking through your network. Perhaps you can feature your mentor or a colleague from your current work? 

If you’re looking to develop your brand as a digital marketer, you can reach out to bloggers in your niche as they are usually quite open to doing interviews, especially for SEO benefits like backlinks. Next, you can then reach out to broader industry leaders and pitch the idea to them, in this case it could be an owner of a Google Ads agency or a digital marketing agency. They are usually very welcoming and are always looking for outlets to market themselves.

Get chatty

Interviewing experts can generate excellent exposure to your brand, so why not give it a go? When you’re ready, you can always edit your video in minutes using Clipchamp’s easy online video editor. Try it for free.

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Written by Rahul Vij on April 29, 2021
About the Author

Rahul Vij, co-founder of WebSpero Solutions is a theater enthusiast that loves to talk about digital marketing and emerging technologies. He believes in a learning mindset and is always looking to learn something new. Connect with him on LinkedIn or book a consultation online. 

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