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LinkedIn features that will make sales easier for your business

Posted August 9, 2021
Written by Clipchamp

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Always looking for more ways to find high-quality leads that will convert into paying customers? Read on to find out how you can use LinkedIn features to their full potential to help your sales funnel.

LinkedIn is no longer just a professional networking platform. With more than 660 million registered users, LinkedIn has proven to be an effective platform for business marketers looking to develop strategies for sales to earn more revenue. In fact, LinkedIn’s 277% more effective in generating leads than Facebook.

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A good stat to remember is that 33% of B2B decision-makers turn to LinkedIn for research purposes. This proves LinkedIn has come a long way since being an "online CV platform" in 2003. When done right, LinkedIn can help build a positive online brand reputation and even generate warm leads for your business.

LinkedIn's users also engage well with videos and video marketing. Brands have claimed that when hosting LinkedIn Live streams, they get 7 times more reactions and 24 times more comments when compared to their regular video feed on other social media platforms.

Pretty powerful numbers, right?

While there are plenty of third-party LinkedIn automation tools to assist your sales outreach, this blog will explore Clipchamp's recommendations on LinkedIn's built-in features that will make sales easier for your business.

Time to explore Clipchamp's recommendations on LinkedIn features that will make sales easier for your business. 

3 LinkedIn features to help your sales team hit their lead-generation targets 

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1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Say hello to the Sales Navigator. It’s designed to simplify virtual selling. 

The Sales Navigator can be used to network more effectively, discover quality leads and ramp up the sales pipeline. It also helps monitor any changes in the key leads in a company and provides better reach and engagement with prospects. 

The Sales Navigator gathers more detailed information and insights about your prospects. For example, let’s suppose a prospect you’re targeting recently changed jobs and joined a new company. Or, a prospect received a promotion and is now a key decision-maker for the company you want to sell your product to. The Sales Navigator will send you an alert about the changes, so you can immediately get in touch and initiate conversations. 

Sales Navigator makes it extremely easy for sales professionals to target prospects outside of their direct network. You’ll be able to ‘unlock’ up to 25 profiles per month and see beyond the limited profile view. This feature can help establish more meaningful relationships, connections and convert them into sales revenue. 

Users can choose between 3 different plans—Professional, Teams and Enterprise. 

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 
  • Professional sales navigator plan

The Professional plan is a basic plan that allows individual sales representatives to use advanced search options, discover leads outside their immediate network and save and create customer lead lists. It does however have a sending limit on the number of InMails you can send.

  • Team sales navigator plan

The Teams plan includes the sales features as the Professional plan but also offers an additional feature called TeamLink. With TeamLink, users can search the entire team’s connections to locate who has first-degree connections with your prospect. This feature lets you approach such team members to introduce yourself to the prospect, increasing the chances of sales. You will also receive a larger volume of InMails to send.

  • Enterprise sales navigator plan

Enterprise can increase the size of your network through TeamLink Extend. It also offers a larger volume of InMails to send. 

FAQ: Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator work with a CRM?

CRM integration is available with Team and Enterprise plans. You’ll have access to integrate the Sales Navigator with popular CRM programs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Outreach and more.

Data can be exported from the Sales Navigator directly into your CRM, making it easier to track everything from one dashboard instead of jumping between applications. 

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2. LinkedIn InMail

InMail is a customized messaging tool you can use to send direct messages to your prospects and initiate conversations. LinkedIn statistics: the average response rate to an InMail is 85% and 3 times higher than traditional email responses.

LinkedIn InMail is by far the most beneficial tool to use when sending emails to prospects. You’ll be able to send InMails to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections, in addition to the prospects in your immediate network. Sounds like the perfect feature, right? Well, there’s one small catch. InMail has a character limit of 1900 which translates to about 500 words. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you’ll need to craft a compelling message that grabs your audiences attention right away.

2. LinkedIn InMail

We recommend looking through the prospect’s profile and use the insights you find to add a personal touch to the message. Don't do a hard-sell in your first message. Instead, aim for building a relationship and leverage that for your sales process. 

A great InMail example would be to introduce yourself and touch on the pain points your prospect is facing. If you hear from them, follow up and schedule a discovery call where you can further explain the benefits of your product or service and how it can ease their pain points. Always close your InMail message with a powerful CTA (call to action) that encourages the prospect to follow the next steps.

If you’re looking to spice things up, add a link to your “About Us” video or corporate video if you have one.

It’s not hard to send large video files via email. One of the easiest ways is to copy and paste the link into the message so your video automatically starts playing in a separate browser tab once clicked.

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Forget about having to hire a production team for creating brand videos—if you’ve got a smartphone or webcam, you’ve got the perfect recording devices. Clipchamp’s free video editor can turn your video clips into a professional-looking masterpiece. 

3. LinkedIn Product Pages

Showcase your products to a large number of prospects and professionals in the community with the help of LinkedIn Product Pages.

Unlike a LinkedIn Page that focuses on building a brand’s presence, a Product Page is dedicated to building a community of users who use a particular product. 

3. LinkedIn Product Pages

Product Pages will filter out highly qualified leads and send them targeted sales messages. So, how do you make the most out of your LinkedIn Product Page? 

You should add product descriptions that tell visitors how your product can help their business. Always highlight user benefits over features to make the message strike the right chords. Add your website URL, your product logo and choose from custom CTA buttons (Download Now, Get Started, Request Demo, and the like) offered by LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn recommends that the CTA should complement the product landing page. For instance, if you choose ‘Request Demo’ as the CTA on your Product Page, the landing page should give the user the option to enter their email address and schedule a meeting or demo session. 

For businesses on LinkedIn, video is proving to convert at a higher rate and boost impressions dramatically. Visual assets like videos and images will get visitors more excited about your products.

We advise adding up to 3 videos along with 2 images. Videos are far better at evoking trust, especially when it comes to building brand credibility. (Psst...Clipchamp’s integration with LinkedIn makes creating and sharing videos on LinkedIn even easier!)

Don’t be shy to experiment with different video formats that cater to all stages of a buyer’s journey. LinkedIn recommends adding: This ensures your Product Page has something for every visitor, regardless of how familiar they are with your brand or product. 

  • Brand video for top-of-funnel awareness, 

  • Product demo video for mid-funnel awareness,

  • Customer testimonials for bottom-of-funnel awareness. 

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For maximum effectiveness and accessibility, add close captions to your videos as a lot of visitors watch their smartphone screens on mute. Clipchamp’s iOS app can help you out with easily captioning videos with our autogenerated speech-to-text feature. Adding in an attractive thumbnail will also promote visitors to click the play button and watch your video.

If you're looking for an accessible way to find emails of your LinkedIn connections for sales or marketing uses, you can use an Email Finder like Aeroleads.

Sell smarter! Start using LinkedIn and Clipchamp videos.

Innovative sales teams FTW! Use these features as a part of your sales outreach strategy to make the most out of LinkedIn.

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