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How personal trainers can build their brand with video marketing

Posted April 30, 2021
Written by Amrapali

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Video can take your marketing where images simply can’t. For any business owner, especially a solopreneur, video marketing on social media is accessible, affordable, and creates real relationships with viewers, whether they are customers or not. 

As a personal trainer, you can use videos to educate, become a thought leader, and even become a health and wellness influencer among your fitness-conscious audience with the help of a good personal brand. 

Needless to say, this can also lead to generating a flow of new and paying customers. Once you have a great video content library built, you can even get sponsors for your videos if you choose. Simply add a link to your website landing page and manage the leads through a good CRM system

Athletic woman trainer makes marketing video

But what kind of content ideas work for a personal trainer? 

Video ideas for personal trainers 

Fitness can be holistic! It doesn’t have to be about restricted around workouts or routines alone. 

There are different dimensions to fitness for which you can create virtual workout videos and successfully market your brand

Let’s dive into some of the video ideas so you can make the best of video marketing

Share your story

Why should your audience trust you and take fitness advice from you? Establish your why through personal stories. This first step is to build credibility with your viewers. When you share your story in the journey of fitness, your passion will come through and resonate with your audience.

Sanne Vloet, a model and fitness influencer shares her story on why she decided to create a YouTube channel in this video. She shares her personal story, accomplishments, and qualifications. 

Workouts and how-to Videos

You can start by teaching people how to perform specific workouts and exercises safely. This should be the core of your video content. 

If your videos are sales-oriented, you will not get as many viewers. However, if you produce helpful content and make it interesting, you will get organic sales once you build trust with your audience.

Personal trainer making how-to tutorials

Fitness challenges

Challenges are an excellent way to engage your audience. Fitness becomes more fun when there’s a challenge, and the social aspect of it will create enthusiasm in your audience. 

You could position the challenge as something achievable in a short time so that viewers feel enthusiastic about participating. You can do this by posting videos of results achieved by your audience from time to time, which will motivate your viewers to participate.  

Every body type is different, so you could do a 7-day, 14-day, 30-day, 90-day or even a 1-year challenge and tier these challenges as mini challenges to work out different muscle groups in the body. 

These fitness challenges could also be tiered according to the levels, both beginner and advanced. By adding a spark of creativity to your fitness challenge videos, you can help your audience get back in shape and find their fitness motivation. 

In this video, Cassie Ho, a Pilates instructor has posted a 7-day arm challenge with her 20-minute lean arms pilates workout.

Similarly, viral YouTuber Chloe Ting runs the 2-week Shred Challenge.

Q&A livestreams

People have many questions about health and fitness, including diets, workout routines, gym equipment, and more. So another video idea is to go live consistently. This is a great way to demonstrate your expertise, expand your followers and leads, and widen your reach.

For example, people may have concerns about performing a specific exercise when they have a health condition. You can prove to be a valuable source of information by creating a live stream to answer popular questions from your audience. This will give you insight into the kind of answers your audience is looking for and help you connect and engage with them.

Recipes and food ideas 

A healthy diet is an essential part of fitness, and people who are interested in getting fit or maintaining their fitness level will be interested in your fitness journey or healthy recipes and diets. You can create videos about the ingredients you purchase at the grocery store or the recipes you include in your diet. This is excellent educational content for your videos. If you also interview clients who have maintained a healthy lifestyle through their diets, your content will engage the audience.

Whitney Simmons, a fitness influencer, shares healthy meal prep ideas with her viewers in this video.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are a great way to build credibility as well as bring in new business. You can interview previous clients or have them record a video. 

Videos that sound natural and unscripted would build trust in your prospective customers and also educate them about how you can help them in their fitness journey. Here’s how you can request a video testimonial from a client. 

Product Reviews

The next video idea is to review and recommend products that you trust. The restrictions on fitness facilities have caused more people to buy fitness equipment. It would help your audience if you can share your opinion on different fitness products. 

Most people are aware that people are being paid to promote products. However, if you recommend only excellent products, it will instill a sense of confidence and trust in your audience.

Occasional Vlog

If you’re comfortable sharing more of your life on camera, you can create an occasional vlog sharing a day in your life, travel, or diet. Your audience will be interested in learning more about your life from a personal angle and feel more connected with you.

Create impactful videos for your brand

Now that we have gone over some video ideas, let’s look at how to create your videos. 

First, practice what you’re going to say and demonstrate. Start with an intro video, that’s a building block of a good personal brand. Your introduction should be to the point and invoke curiosity to keep your audience engaged for the rest of the video, and you can make a great intro video in minutes. 

Spend the first few seconds of the video to communicate the value of the video. Don’t forget the basics like choosing a good environment where you have natural lighting and a background which is not too distracting. Speak naturally, and make sure your personality comes through while you are speaking and demonstrating.

At the end of the video, make sure you always include call to actions for your viewers so that they know where to go next. You could share the name of your website or share the topics of your upcoming videos and steps to subscribe so that viewers and potential customers can subscribe and be notified when you upload new content. 

If video creation and editing is complex and you have some budget to spare, you can consider hiring a video producer. If you’re more of a DIY person, edit your videos with a few clicks, add background music, transitions and text to make your video look professional for free.  

Get started with your personal brand, and watch the views roll in!

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