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10 TikTok video ideas for startups

Posted December 22, 2021
Written by Clipchamp
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Want to grow your business’ presence on the viral app TikTok? Your brand can showcase its authenticity to impress and engage users all over the world with memorable, on-trend videos.  

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Just like individual content creators, startups can create viral TikTok videos that can indirectly drive sales for their product or service. Wondering what type of TikTok videos can generate leads? Read on to explore 10 video content ideas that any startup business can post on TikTok.

How your startup can use TikTok

Is your target audience already using TikTok? Whether you’re marketing to millennials or boomers, TikTok can be your newfound marketing tool for promoting your startup business

If your startup isn’t well-known yet, uploading professional TikTok video content can increase brand awareness, followers, leads, and boost sales in no time. You can even use competitors' analytics to help your startup grow. 

10 TikTok video ideas for any startup business

Setting up a TikTok account for your startup business, but not sure what videos to start posting? 

From scalable startups, social entrepreneurship startups, to small business startups, TikTok can grow your business in just a few clicks. Whether you’re planning to join in on a viral trend, or create original content, take a look at our TikTok video ideas to get you started. 

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1. Share your startup origin story

Behind every startup is a fascinating and inspiring background story that viewers want to hear about. Introduce your brand to millions of potential followers with a TikTok video. 

96% of consumers increased their online video consumption in 2020, and 9 out of 10 viewers said that they wanted to see more videos from brands. Sharing your origin story through a TikTok video can uniquely highlight your brand’s values and goals. The more personal your business feels online, the more relatable your brand feels. Attract, engage, convert viewers into customers with a meaningful origin story TikTok. 

Voiceovers are a must-have if you don’t want to narrate your brand’s TikTok video. Our text-to-speech generator is here to help. Turn text to speech in seconds and hear your narrative come to life. Choose from 170 unique AI voices, from feminine, masculine, and neutral tones, spanning a variety of ages, and accents. 

@feelyoursoul_ The story of how I came up with my business idea while working at Trader Joe’s ☺️ #traderjoes #smallbusiness #converse #smallbusinesscheck ♬ original sound - Feel Your Soul 😊

2. About your startup business name

New and existing customers may not know the meaning behind your business name. Share how your startup developed its name, and what it means to you. 


My name isn’t Lola... but here’s why I named my shop “Whateva Lola” 🌈🐶 #smallbusiness #doglove #fyp #shihtzu #puppy #storytime

♬ original sound - whateva lola shop

3. Meet the team

Now that your customers know your startup journey, get to know your team members as well. Create a short fun and humorous TikTok video introducing each team member, their role, and a fun fact about themselves. 


Squads all here 💯 #youngnails #teamYN #squad #YNsquad #ganggang #meettheteam #youngnailsinc @gregorysalo @raybracamontes4 @traceyreierson @hsalo27

♬ My Friends (We Get Turnt Up) - Mr. Hotspot

4. Meet your pets

Who doesn’t want to see cute furry friends on TikTok? Show a personal side to your startup and introduce your furry coworkers. You don’t have to create an entire video about your dog, including an adorable clip will do! 

5. Your startup success story

TikTok is full of inspirational success stories. What will your startup success story look like? Create a heartfelt TikTok video sharing your biggest achievements, accomplishments, and what you’re most proud of.

6. Overcoming startup business challenges

TikTok usually shares the highlights of a startup’s success, but every small business has overcome entrepreneurial obstacles. Create a short video to inspire others how your startup has faced and overcame hardship to connect with followers on an emotional level.

7. Create a behind the scenes video

Showcase your brand’s personality and build lasting relationships with relatable behind-the-scenes TikToks. From workplace tours to ‘follow me around’ videos, take your followers on a 30-second journey of a startup business. Show intricate details throughout the day, like paperwork, phone calls, emails, or even a sneak peek of new products or your office setup.

Posting behind-the-scenes details with followers helps them understand what it’s really like to own or work within a startup business. Owner of boutique Franklin and Rose, Leigha Stepp, received more than 60 orders within a few minutes of posting a behind-the-scenes TikTok.

8. Fulfilling orders

Generate hype around your startup with exclusive packing and sending orders videos. They’re highly relatable, satisfying to watch, and display how much time, effort, and creativity goes into packing orders. Sharing more personal brand videos on TikTok might just be the reason to convert followers into customers. 

Kaja Beauty successfully uses packing videos to increase sales on TikTok. Regular video uploads showing off their stackable packaging in pastel colors skyrocketed their TikTok following. Don’t forget to add captions to assist your video! 

9. Organizing inventory

No matter what size your business is, there is a lot of hard work that goes into it. Share helpful tips and tricks to inspire and assist other startups, and show your customers how you organize the inventory. 


All my new inventory has arrived. I can’t wait to show my new gloss collection #smallbusiness #businessowner #gloss #lipgloss #lash #lashes #supportme

♬ original sound - goalsounds

10. Short product demo TikTok videos

If viewers are unable to see your products in-store, share how-to and product demo TikTok videos instead. Whether you’re styling a cake or displaying how to style a clothing item, demo videos are an effective way to convert skeptical customers. Provide necessary information about your products, showcase them in their best light, and give viewers the confidence to purchase a new product. 

How to create TikTok videos for your startup business  

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Step 1. Create a video using a template

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Step 1. Create a video using a template

Step 2. Expert and send to TikTok

When you're happy with your new TikTok video, click on the export button and select 720p resolution. On the export page, click send to TikTok to connect to your account and share your video.

Step 2. Expert and send to TikTok

Step 3. Post your video on TikTok

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Step 3. Post your video on TikTok

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