How eCommerce entrepreneurs manage their workflow (and how videos can help)

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Curious about what the daily routine of an eCommerce entrepreneur looks like? We've put together a list of the activities eCommerce business owners do on a day-to-day basis.

Understand how an eCommerce business owner spends their day at work while being their own boss.

We'll explore what tools you can use to optimize workflows, no matter what type of eCommerce product you sell, as well as how videos can help in this process.

Concept of how video marketing is helping eCommerce websites

Daily workflow of an eCommerce entrepreneur

Right now, it's easier than ever to use a website-building tool like Wix or Bookmark to build, grow, and manage your ecommerce business.

Depending on the type of online store, an entrepreneur will generally have to oversee new orders, product inventory, marketing opportunities, and website performance regularly.

Entrepreneurs can consider hiring skilled software engineers and data analysts preferably with a degree in software development to scale their ecommerce business fast.

Entrepreneurs also need to keep a keen eye out on emerging market trends and building their network to bring in more orders.

1. Managing your work schedule

Creating checklists for tasks

Your daily work routines in the online commercial space will involve a wide range of tasks. So, following a proper method of managing tasks is the way to go. Life coach and author JB Glossinger proposed an effective model for doing just that.

The Ivy Lee Method recommends:

  1. Managing critical business goals by defining tasks

  2. Setting a timeframe for spending quality time with family

  3. Prioritizing the list as a daily blueprint

  4. The unfinished tasks roll over to the list for the next day

You can create weekly to-do lists for work to keep your business activities streamlined or consider using digital tools like workflow software. Using lists helps accomplish the essential business tasks well within deadlines.

You can also use a small business CRM software to effectively manage your team and complete tasks.

2. Prioritizing your emails

You can effectively manage the incoming emails using app filters for activities such as forwarding to other email addresses, instant sending to a specific label, or any other relevant activity. 

New to email filtering? These are some handy steps to follow on Gmail:

  1. Check the box next to a specific email to select it.

  2. Display the additional settings by clicking the 'More' option.

  3. Click on the 'Filter messages like this' next.

  4. Enter your filter criteria.

  5. Click on 'Create filter' . That's all!

Looking for an easy method to prioritize emails?

As a budding entrepreneur, remember that not all emails will entail the same levels of urgency. Your productivity can depend on your ability to prioritize emails with varying nature. 

You can better prioritize by classifying your emails as:

  • Emails that you can resolve within 2 minutes – urgent

  • Emails that you list as being of higher priority – important

  • Emails that you can postpone to a later date witho

    ut any considerable effects – non-urgent

Finding email management tools

Different email management tools in the market can help be effective and efficient in email management. These popular tools can provide a value-added base for making your work processes faster.

Some of the tools you can efficiently use are schedule and send, email snooze, calendars, email templates, notepads, and messengers.  

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3. Keeping up with statuses

Another category of activities is making sure that all projects are running smoothly. And for that, Ecommerce entrepreneurs monitor a lot of different statuses concerning clients, inventory, and finance.

a. Reviewing bills

You can begin your day by checking the orders that have come in. Next, you check on your inventory. Are any items out-of-stock or discontinued? You should be on top of inventory by checking it a couple of times a week at the very least.   

b. Reviewing accounts statuses

An important part of an entrepreneur’s daily routine is to review their accounts. So, you should take due care while making financial decisions and drafting by making sure that everything lines up. Consider using an expense management software to keep track of your day-to-day business expenses.

c. Reviewing client statuses

Apart from order receipt communication and customary thank you emails to your customers, you'll need to keep checking orders till the drop time to ensure shipping on the same day. Closely monitoring interactions with the clients and managing order shipping for vendors need extra attention as deadlines are usually tight in eCommerce

d. Reviewing marketing campaign statuses

Over the next 5 years, it’s projected that social e-commerce will grow by 25%. It's wise to run social media posts that have educational or entertainment value to build awareness among potential customers. You should pick enough to have at least one post a day on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can also brainstorm some social media contest ideas to boost audience engagement at regular intervals.

4. Networking

eCommerce Entrepreneurs meeting

You’ll want to keep your product partners up to date with what numbers are expected and all the sales you’ve made. You’ll be having the usual conference calls with your product partners and probably also get a run-down of the products that partners will have available for sale later.

But it’s not just your partners that require your attention. You also need to communicate with employees and clients.

Socializing with employees

It’s important that every employee in your business feels appreciated. As per a report by 15Five, only 41% of managers undertake check-ins with their employees and coworkers. It's widely believed that stress is the primary health concern for workers in e-commerce. Headaches, low concentration, and irritation can affect entrepreneurs. At the CDC, some resources can help you and your employees make changes. 

Connecting with clients on social media

Having meaningful socialization via social media platforms like Etsy, Linkedin, and Facebook can play a vital role in an entrepreneur’s long-term success. These platforms can be especially useful in finding new partners. You can also use Etsy to compel online shoppers with a 360-degree video showcasing your product and related features.

5. Keeping an eye on the eCommerce market

Customer-centered experience is more important that ever today. Using automations and AI-based tools can help you analyze the search and exit-intent on popups, landing pages and social channels of your customers. You can also use a price monitoring tool to track your competitor's product prices.

Popular tech innovations that have been shaping the online shopping experience to look out for are:

  • Chatbots: a new virtual support service

  • AR and VR: innovative shopping experience

  • Voice assistants: user experience enhancement

  • Drones and droids: next-level delivery system

  • Blockchain technology: new data security and payment method

The e-commerce industry is being shaped by these trends:

How videos help eCommerce entrepreneurs manage their workflow

From generating leads to answering customer queries more efficiently, here's how videos can help eCommerce entrepreneurs.

1. Demo videos: Videos can be used to communicate product features and showcase aspects that still photographs simply cannot! Learn how to make a demo video.

2. Personalized sales outreach videos: If your eCommerce business or shop needs to build a network of businesses as clients, a personalized sales outreach video will be a lot more effective than a lengthy email.

3. Queries and problem-solving videos: If you need to spend a lot of time on customer support a day, creating FAQ videos can save time and make your business more efficient while also answering customer problems.

4. Customer testimonial videos: Social proof can skyrocket sales and increase trust in an online business. Learn how to make customer testimonials.

Optimize your eCommerce for better results

Now you know how an eCommerce business owner spends their day at work while being their own boss. It can get busy, but any eCommerce will benefit from optimizing workflows with the help of tools, networks and even pre-recorded videos to generate impressive results.

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