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Do Facebook lead generation forms work better with videos? 

Posted August 22, 2021
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Believe it or not, Facebook is still one of the best platforms to market your B2B business. It’s the third most visited desktop website in the world and has over 3 billion app users. Now, a few taps can lead to even greater things for your business. Facebook lead form ads make the lead generation process easy. Prospects just have to simply tap your Facebook ad and a form pops up. How good is that?

Looking for ways to help your business stand out in the crowded Facebook newsfeed? Collect more leads with video content!

Let's explore exactly what Facebook lead generation form ads are, and how you can draw your audience in help of Clipchamp’s online video editor. 

What are Facebook lead generation form ads?

Facebook lead generation form ads are promoted forms that allow your business the chance to capture your prospects details while offering discounts or special offers. Facebook lead generation form ads were created to make the most of mobile, reduce drop-offs, find leads that matter, ask the right questions, integrate CRMs and give your audience what they want. 

The forms can connect your interested prospects to demo videos, subscriptions, new customer discounts or your chosen CTA.

When a Facebook user clicks on your lead ad, they’re automatically taken to a pop-up window of your lead generation form that’s already auto-populated with the information linked to their profile. If sections are still blank, users can complete the form in a few clicks. 

Facebook lead generation form ads

Source: Facebook for Business 

Yeah, they're pretty revolutionary. Facebook lead generation form ads have become a marketer favorite.

Facebook lead generation form ads are high converting as they help cut down the amount of time it takes for prospects to fill out a form since their details are already pre-filled. Lesser friction in the process means more form submissions by those interested.

Lead ads are optimized for mobile, helping B2B businesses attract the 88% of Facebook users who only use their smartphones to access Facebook. It takes 40% longer to complete the same form on a desktop, so publishing Facebook lead ads can help your business attract more mobile users as well as increasing your lead generation rate at the same time. 

There's also a data angle here. Businesses can also export lead data collected from the ads directly to the customer relationship management (CRM) tool or download the data as a CSV file. This means it's super easy to re-target leads in future. 

Social Media Examiner

Source: Social Media Examiner

How videos make your lead generation ads perform better

We at Clipchamp love video, but this an unbiased opinion!

Take a look at all the stats that indicate your marketing campaigns must include video to get noticed.

1. Video stops the scroll

It’s human nature to be drawn into watching an entertaining video when scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed. We’ve all been hooked before, so why not use the addictive nature of videos to boost your business? 

Attention please gif

Compared to images and text, video wins the race by a mile, as 87% of marketers believe Facebook video ads are highly effective. Use video to show your prospect's your business, product, or service in action.

2. Video is more effective than image-only ads

Video is easier to consume and 81% of customers have purchased a product after watching a brand’s video. 

Surprisingly, Facebook ad conversion rates are among the highest in the social media world and Facebook video ads receive almost 60% more ad clicks when compared to image-only ads.

Videos are highly entertaining when made well with interesting visuals and a powerful call-to-action. Not the creative kind? Never edited a video before? Try Clipchamp. Our free online video editor has all the editing features you need to create engaging Facebook ads.

Box integration-Make a commercial video- Clipchamp landing page

If you don’t have much time to edit or are out of ideas, use one of Clipchamp’s ready-to-use templates. All you have to do is add in your footage or select from our massive stock library and personalize it with your brand logo.

Just make sure your lead generation video is never more than 15 seconds long.

Clipchamp’s top tips to create a Facebook lead generation video ad

  • Want product awareness? Create a short demo video and use the 'Learn more’ CTA.

  • Want warm leads? Create a targeted explainer video of your product with an introductory offer and a ‘Sign up’ CTA.

  • Want to create urgency? Try adding a CTA mid-way through your video to uplift form submissions.

  • Want better brand awareness? Don't forget to use brand colors and overlay your logo in each frame. Check out our Brand Kit.

3. Video shares more information in less time

Your marketing team has 15 seconds to share main product features and how your product or business can help your prospects. 

Think that's very limited? Remember that the attention span of online users is super short, so a quick, engaging video will help convert your Facebook video ads into conversation starters and potential sales. 

Do it yourself

4. Video collects insights to improve future campaigns

Facebook video ads give your business access to important video analytics of your prospect’s behaviour.

Gain insight into engagement numbers, retention rates, and minute details like which second your audience is losing interest. Use this information to optimize your video and create better, targeted ads.

Targeted video analytics

If you're looking to understand the return on investment for your ad and effectiveness of your campaigns, you can utilize an analytics tool such as Ringostat end-to-end analytics.

5. Videos are easy to test and optimize on form ads

The best lead generation form ads are often the result of continuous fine-tuning and A/B testing. To optimize your video ad for the best results, consider running different versions of the same ad. You can simply trim the video length for the ad, add a different video, or even add different form lengths to compare competition rates. 

Download your lead generation into a CSV file to keep track of your form performance. If you use a CRM tool is highly recommended to approach your leads to make tracking and the follow-up process easier. 

Ready to create your own lead generation video ad?

Stand out in newsfeeds by publishing Facebook lead generation form ads with video. Get started for free and create memorable video ads by signing up to Clipchamp video editor.

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