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How to blur a video online

Posted July 25, 2023

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An image of the blur effect in Clipchamp.

Instantly give your videos a soft, out-of-focus appearance with the blur video effect. From building mystery and suspense in gaming and unboxing videos, protecting privacy of strangers in your travel vlogs to concealing sensitive information for social media videos, the blur effect can enhance your clip and add a movie-like feel in seconds.

Easily add the blur effect to video clips and edit the blur level with no downloads needed. You can even blur parts of your video or use the picture-in-picture effect to blur your videos background with our special video editing hacks.

Explore how to blur a video online and get inspired with some beginner-friendly blur effect video ideas with Clipchamp

How to add a blur video effect

Step 1. Import videos or select stock footage

To import your own videos, photos, and audio, click on the import media button in the your media tab on the toolbar to browse your computer files, or connect your OneDrive.  

An image of a user importing media.

You can also use free stock media like video clips, video backgrounds, and stock music. Click on the content library tab on the toolbar and click on the visuals drop down arrow, then videos, photos, or backgrounds. Search through the different stock categories using the search bar as well. 

An image of a user adding stock video.

Drag and drop your video onto the timeline to start editing with the blur effect.  

An image of a user dragging a video onto the timeline.

Step 2. Add the blur effect to your video

Click on the video clip on the timeline so it’s highlighted green. Next, click on the effects tab on the property panel, then scroll down to find the blur and blur fill effects. Click on the blur effect option to apply the effect.

An image of a user clicking on the effects tab, then clicking on the blur effect option.

Edit the intensity of your blur effect using the blur slider. Slide to the left for less intensity and slide to the right for a more intense blur effect.  

An image of a user sliding the blur intensity slider.

Step 3. Preview and save your video

Make sure to preview your video before saving by clicking on the play button. When you’re ready to save your video, click on the export button and select a video resolution. We recommend saving videos in 1080p video resolution for the best video quality. If your video includes 4K video footage, paid subscribers can save in 4k video resolution. 

An image of a user exporting their video.

How to add blur video effect to a part of your video

Add a blur effect to a section of your video clip

To blur a part of your video, just split your clip and add the blur filter to the split clip. This blur effect style is perfect for new product videos, sensitive information, trailer videos, and reveal videos. It can even be used as a smooth transition between the two clips.  

  1. Drag and drop your video onto the timeline. 

  2. Click on your video so it’s highlighted green.  

  3. Move your curser to the specific timestamp where you want to split. 

  4. Click on the split tool on the timeline.  

  5. Move your curser again to end the split timestamp.  

  6. Click on the split tool again then click on your new split video clip.  

  7. Click on the effects tab then click on the blur effect.  

An image of a user adding the blur effect to a split video clip.

Add a blur effect over a still subject

If you want to blur someone’s face, vehicle registration plate, or sensitive information, use the picture-in-picture effect. This blur effect hack is suitable for videos and images that do not have much motion or movement.   

  1. Drag and drop your video to the timeline. 

  2. Crop your video so the subject you want to blur is only visible. 

  3. Add the blur effect to your cropped video in the effects tab. 

  4. Drag and drop the same video onto the timeline below your blurred video. 

An image of a user blurring an overlayed video.

How to create a blurred background on your video

Want to make your video background blurred while keeping the focus on your subject? Just use the blur fill effect in the effects tab.   

  1. Drag and drop your video onto the timeline.  

  2. Click on the effects tab on the property panel.  

  3. Click on the blur fill effect to apply. 

  4. Freehand crop and move your video to see the blurred background. 

An image of a user adding the blur fill effect to a video clip.

Ideas to use the blur effect in your next video

Not sure what videos to add the blur effect to? Let’s look at some helpful video ideas for the blur effect.  

  • Use the blur effect to create suspense in reveal videos and product launches.  

  • Achieve a romantic or dreamy vibe with a soft ambient blur for Valentine’s Day videos and anniversaries. 

  • Shift the focus with a cinematic and professional blur effect for YouTube vlogs.  

  • Create mystery and tension within a scene in documentary videos and short films.  

  • Enhance the focus of your subject in slideshows and demo videos.  

  • Transition through clips and create suspense in intro and outro videos.  

  • Blur the background of videos to achieve a picture-in-picture effect for TikTok videos. 

Level up your videos even further by adding animated text and royalty-free background music for free. Start editing today with Clipchamp for free or download the Clipchamp Windows app.  

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