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Top 5 Valentine's Day Video Ideas for your Business

Posted February 5, 2021

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Valentine's Day is around the corner. Love it or hate it, it's a celebration of both affection and marketing. That means it's time to plan a video marketing strategy and start generating leads with your Valentine's Day videos.

Despite the pandemic spoiling Valentine's Day plans in some parts of the world, dropping average spendings by 16% (they hit a record of $27.4 billion in 2020!), people are still ready to spend money on gifts for their dearest ones.

So, how can your business join in spreading positive vibes of this season? By focusing on the visual element! Most of us fall in love at first "sight" and that's exactly why video content is the perfect option.

Valentines day gift making - Top 5 Valentine's Day Video Ideas for Your Business - Clipchamp Blog

In this article, you'll find the top five video ideas to help you do exactly that:

1. Show your followers and customers some love

As NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay has justly noted, "There remains a special significance around Valentine's Day, and consumers are committed to celebrating friends and loved ones, even if that means having to alter those traditional holiday celebrations."

For brands, it's a great chance to show appreciation and evoke the sentiment of friendship with the audience.

  • Create a lovely video e-card: Send it to subscribers' emails or share it on social media. People exchange around 150 million cards on Valentine's Day, and it will be a pleasant surprise for your customers to get one from you. Most online graphic design tools offer tons of themed templates and backgrounds, so making your own Valentine's card won't be a problem.

  • Create a personalized video: If you want it to take a step further, you can create a video the best way possible — and send it to your most loyal followers or customers on Valentine's Day. There you can offer some perks (gifts or discounts) or just make them smile.

  • Go behind the scenes: Another fascinating video idea to show some love and appreciation to the audience is to create a so-called "behind the scenes" video.

Get your whole team involved and let them give thanks to consumers, sharing some lovely reasons why they love working with them. Or, they could share their own love stories with the audience! Like Tesco's  people did:

2. Create Valentine's day gift guide

Valentine's Day is about gift-giving. And here goes an interesting fact: People don't look for gift ideas for their partners only, but for their family, colleagues, friends, and pets too!

It gives you tons of content ideas to create Valentine's Day videos for. Even if your product or service doesn't look like a perfect gift for loved ones, you can still turn it to your advantage and offer it as a small token of appreciation.

Craft a video that consumers can use as a gift guide: Put together a list of gift ideas for kids, teachers, moms, bosses, cats, you name it. Or, be cheeky and showcase your own product as the perfect gift:

3. Promote your offers and discounts with video ads

If your business can be connected to the theme of Valentine's Day (flowers, sweets, jewelry, or other), an offer and discount video is a must-try.

The rules of video storytelling can help here:

  • Make your video ads short. We recommend two minutes maximum. With so much content saturation and short attention spans, viewers won't spend time watching a very long video so keep it punchy.

  • Trigger emotions with visual elements, not words. Given that over half of video content comes on mobiles with the sound turned off, you need to do your best to tell a story with context.

Another idea for your video marketing campaign is to announce Valentine's Day discounts with Facebook video ads or Instagram video ads.

Not only does it allow you to show appreciation and increase customer loyalty, but it also helps to reach and engage a broader audience with your brand.

4. Host a love story video contest

Video marketing is all about authenticity, personalization, and organic engagement today. Original content is what you need to succeed. So, why not get the most out of UGC this Valentine's Day?

Take a look at this 2017 Dunkin' Love campaign focused on love stories:

Post on social media asking for submissions from your community to share their love stories with you. Or, ask them to create video content on your given topic and publish it for a chance to win something.

Such content is perfect for attracting a broader audience to your brand, get closer with your followers, and empower your online visibility for more organic traffic and lead generation.

So, here are some rules to keep in mind:

  • Think of something a winner will get from you. It can be your product, service, discount, or anything unrelated to your brand.

  • Come up with ground rules for participants to follow (maximum duration, and the like).

  • Announce the contest a few weeks before the holiday.

  • Use a unique hashtag and ask participants to do the same. It will help you find their stories online.

Once the contest is over, you can use a video editor to organize UGC into promos or video clips for your social media accounts.

5. Share tutorial videos 

As Valentine's Day gets closer, users start searching for DIY gift ideas and how-to tutorials. Depending on your niche, you can create related videos and share them with your audience on YouTube or Instagram.

For instance, let's take a look at this video from a food-related brand:

Here's an example from Hallmark sharing a tutorial on how to make a DIY flower arrangement:

Such video content helps your rankings on Google. And if you make it creative and appealing enough to go viral, it can really boost your brand awareness.

While there's no go-to formula to go viral, you can consider the following points:

  • Keep it short, sweet, and up-to-point.

  • Communicate a single message clearly.

  • Provide value by addressing a customer's pain points.

  • Evoke emotions.

  • Add a pinch of humor if possible, but stay consistent with your brand's tone of voice.

  • Make sure its production is of high quality.

  • Remember to cross-promote across different social media channels.

Start creating and editing Valentine's Day videos today

And now, with these Valentine's Day video ideas in your pocket, it's time to create original videos for your audience. Get started with an easy video editor like Clipchamp.

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