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Posted November 25, 2019
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Black Friday weekends generate some of the highest sale revenues throughout the year. In 2018 alone, it saw a whopping $6.2 billion in online sales—23.6% more than in 2017. While there are many predictions on what and where the best bargains are, only one thing is for sure: Black Friday weekend is going to be one of the biggest shopping frenzies of the entire year.

If you’re in the retail business, your video ads need to be promo-ready soon. Gather ‘round your deal announcements because we’ve put together this article on how to make video ads for this post-Thanksgiving sale. In this post, we’ll deconstruct Black Friday video ads from recent years, and share some tips and templates so you can make your own.

  1. The anatomy of a Black Friday ad 

    • What makes a great video ad?

    • Black Friday ad examples

  2. Clipchamp Black Friday Ad Inspiration and Templates

1. The anatomy of a Black Friday ad

What makes a great video ad?

Here are a few tips and tricks that should always be considered when creating a video ad for your business.

    • The first thing to remember is to make the first few seconds count. Avoid potential customers clicking skip or exit on your ad within the first 5 seconds by gaining attention immediately–start off with a statement that sparks the interest of your target audience. Studies have found the average person’s attention span while watching an ad is as little as seven seconds. Here’s an additional thing to remember: 85% of viewers are most likely to watch the ad with the sound off according to research found in 2016 by multiple publishers. In fact, Google Chrome updated their settings in 2018 to only allow autoplay for video ads that have been automatically muted or has no audio. Therefore,  it’s also important to start off with excellent visuals that engage viewers without sound.

    • You don’t have much time to get your message across, so it’s best to show and not tell. Help potential customers understand why your product will positively impact their life by showing real people using the product in everyday, normal situations.

    • The total length of your video ad should be 30 seconds or less. It is vital to delete unnecessary content. Take out clips or scenes that take up too much time or are irrelevant to your central message. Focus on the main objective: to persuade your audience to drop by your sale by convincing them of the value of your product.

    • Provide details on where or how your product can be purchased, or add in a website or social media link for more information. This is to cue your audience on the action they should take next. Another tip: throw in a discount code. Shopify has recently shared that merchants with an active discount code or free shipping are 8 times more likely to make a sale. Within 365 days, 17% of the total sales were transacted through a discount code across Shopify.

Black Friday video ad examples 

If you’re stuck for ideas or not sure what type of ad to create, we have compiled a list of 10 essential Black Friday ads. 

• Target: 2010 Black Friday 2-Day Sale Commercial 

This 2010 Target ad starring comedian Maria Bamford parodies the sky-high anticipation for Black Friday sales. In a training montage, Bamford is shown marking her calendar with a red marker, lifting heavy shopping baskets, and jogging down the department store aisle—all in preparation for the two-day sale. The ad basically pokes fun at the event while directing excitement towards Target.

Tip: Would a humorous tone resonate with your audience? Use exaggeration to highlight the funny bits about Black Friday or your product.

• Macy’s: 2015 Black Friday Commercial ‘Star-Studded’ 

Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is a renowned event. To match its fame, the department store chain commissioned Ryan Seacrest, Ariana Grande, Heidi Klum, Jessica Simpson, Thalia, and Martha Stewart to make an appearance in their 2015 Black Friday ad. By showcasing A-listers, bright lights and colors, viewers are inclined to stay with the ad until the end. 

Tip: Don’t be afraid to go big on ideas and execution. We may not all be blessed with the same production budget as Macy’s, but there are many tricks and techniques for generating eye catching effects with your phone or video camera.

• Amazon: 2015 Black Friday Ad 

Behind the sprinting cardboard man is a solid slogan. “Let the deals come to you” captures both Amazon’s deals notification service and the efficiency of their e-commerce business. With a witty script, the ad emphasizes convenience and succeeds in connecting with viewers familiar with the helter-skelter of an in-store Black Friday rush. 

Tip: Let your audience know how your product or company is going to make a tedious activity easier for them. 

• Guitar Center: 2013 Black Friday Sales Event ‘Juicer’

This hilarious ad features a standoff between a juicer and various musical instruments. Featuring Guitar Center Steve, this ad juxtaposes a practical purchase with the exciting potential of the items on sale at the Guitar Center. The ad uses the setup to showcase the real star of their video—discounted prices.

Tip: If the discounts at your store cannot be made light of, maximize them by emphasizing the awesome bargains your customers will be getting on Black Friday.

•  Dreamworks: 2017 Trolls Black Friday Sale Social Media Ad

Black Friday ads don’t always have to be 30 seconds long to get a message across. This Dreamworks example featuring Trolls is only 9 seconds, has square dimensions, and is made specifically for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It is essentially a simple announcement ad for a sale on the Trolls soundtrack. Leverage the power of popular characters to achieve a similar ad yourself.

Tip: Feature a popular product or a mascot to create a fun connection. 

•  Verizon: 2013 “Heads Up” Black Friday Deals Ad

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, but it is also the starting line to the Christmas shopping season. In Verizon’s ad, even Santa Claus drops out of the sky to line up for discounts. 

Tip: With Christmas only being a month after Black Friday sales, start making the connection between the two by adding in Christmas references and characters.

•  Walmart: 2016 Get Up For Black Friday Holiday Shopping 

As you may have noticed at this point, department store chains crush the Black Friday advertising game. Walmart makes the event a family affair by showing that there’s something in the sale for the whole gang (even grandpa is excited!).

Tip: Spin Black Friday sales as an unmissable, exciting event for everyone you know. 

• Chevrolet: 2014 Black Friday Sale Commercial 

Chevrolet doesn’t go with Christmas elements or shopping frenzy references; instead, they showcase three choice cars, state brand accomplishments, store locations, payments options and promotional bonuses customers will receive should they buy a car before year-end. 

Tip: By positioning the product front and center—sans gimmicks, stunts, and special effects—you are also communicating the sheer strength of your brand value directly to your target market.

•  Target: 2012 Let’s Go Together Black Friday Commercial 

Target’s 2012 Black Friday ad relies almost completely on entertainment value. While it’s decidedly representative of teens, anyone who knows somebody from the younger generation is in on the joke. Featuring two girls texting and two comedians narrating their messages in singsong, this ad succeeds in signaling Black Friday in a highly entertaining video.

Tip: Try developing a product jingle. Information expressed through melody is highly memorable. It can be a slogan, phone number, a business name or even the benefits of a particular product that is being promoted. 

•  Kohl’s: 2013 Black Friday Sales Event Commercial 

Kohl’s literally shows viewers what they’re missing if they don’t attend the Black Friday Sale. This ad features a family using imaginary products before throwing in the fact that they’re on sale at Kohl’s. At the end of the ad, they also announce an incentive to purchase during the Black Friday sales as they are offering $15 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent. Kohl’s aim was to show how a once-a-year event can meet a family’s everyday needs. 

Tip: Capitalize on how your product can elevate a person’s everyday life by meeting their needs.

2. Clipchamp’s Black Friday Templates

Clipchamp Create is very useful when it comes to ad campaigns with its easy to use editor and fast publishing time. Whether it’s for social media or your website, we’ve got you covered. 

Using all the tips and tricks from the above Black Friday example ads, now you are ready to create your own unique and engaging advertisement. We recommend browsing through Clipchamp’s library of video templates for ready-to-use ads or just for some inspiration. Below are a few of our video ad templates for Black Friday.

•  Roller Skate Store

Use this template

This simple Black Friday ad banks on positive vibes and bright colors. The company logo, name and website is also stated at the end of the 15 second ad. Not every commercial has to include a variety of different styles of products. A strong, unique ad featuring one product and a sense of your brand identity can get your message across to the right audience.

•  Fashion Store

Use this template

Unlike the roller skate ad above, this fashion store ad previews more than one product that to store has to offer. Showcasing four different clothing pieces for men and women, this 25 second square ad is perfect for social media. With the names of the items labelled on the ad, along with the percentage discount, viewers can determine what they would like to buy before the sale starts. Adding a funky, catchy song also draws in the viewers to keep watching. Stating the company logo, name and website at the end of the ad in a clear, readable font is vital for potential customers to see. 

•  Jewelry Store 

Use this template

November and December are the most popular times of year to purchase diamonds, gold and silver, so take advantage of our Black Friday advertisement templates to boost your sales. This ad displays the product in an elegant light, showing a freshly cut diamond turning into a ring. Following that with the company logo, name, website, as well as the discount your sale is offering.

Clipchamp Create offers hundreds of different template ideas for you to create your very own Black Friday advertisement. Check out events, invitations, promo, Instagram, Facebook and marketing for ad inspiration and ready-to-use templates. You can also spice things up with audio and music! Black Friday ads are a great opportunity for your company to embrace the holiday season and spirit, have some fun and get creative!

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