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Our Guide to Corporate Zoom Calls

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Our Guide to Corporate Zoom Calls

By now, you’ve probably seen a lot of media coverage around Zoom and the entertaining antics workers are getting up to with Zoom backgrounds. Some members of the at-home workforce use tropical destinations as their backdrops, while others prefer to Zoom as potatoes and a few sneaky workers don’t show up at all. It’s great to see people having fun, but how can you customise Zoom when your job needs you to keep things professional?

Business, finance and other corporate industries are facing months of hard work to get through these uncertain times. Conducting video calls with professionalism can do so much to reassure clients, stakeholders and businesses. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing our top tips for Corporate Zoom calls.

Our tips for corporate Zoom calls

Use a corporate Zoom video background

So you don’t miss out on all of the Zoom background fun, our team has put together a collection of Zoom video backgrounds perfect for professionals. Choose from a range of beautiful office backdrops to replace your at-home set-up.

Follow the link below to check out our Zoom Video Backgrounds for Corporate template collection. If you’ve never used a Zoom video background before or need a refresher, check out our guide to How to Use Video Backgrounds in Zoom for step-by-step instructions.

Beat the background noise 

Background noise can negatively impact your video calls, and while putting your microphone on mute is an option, it can stall conversations and become a chore. We recommend hosting your video calls in a quiet space with the windows and doors closed to block traffic and nature sounds. 

For those working with kids and pets around, it’s a little trickier to control the noise. This is where apps like Krisp come in handy. Krisp uses AI to block even the closest background noises like magic and it works across a range of video conferencing platforms including Zoom.

Beat the background noise 

Record and share your calls 

For corporate businesses, Zoom can assist in more ways than one. It doesn’t just host your meetings, it can record them too and save you the trouble of keeping a written record. Even better, you can send meeting recordings to any employees who might have missed the live session. Paid users should automatically be given access to the Zoom Recording Cloud and Zoom offers a helpful how-to guide. You can also use our corporate video templates.

Record and share your calls 

Dress for the job

Our final tip is a little less technical but no less important – dress professionally for your work day. We know it can be tricky to resist the allure of loungewear in times like these, but maintaining a dress code while working from home can boost productivity and self confidence. The key is finding a balance between the  professional and the practical – a suit might not work but a crisp collared shirt and pants definitely will.  

Dress for the job

Need more info?

It’s now simpler than ever to import and edit Zoom recordings with Clipchamp. Check out our integration blog to learn more.

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