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How to add watermark logo to social media videos for your business

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What is a watermark logo? Why is it important to add a watermark of your business logo when publishing a video online? 

Read on to find out more and learn an easy way to add a watermark logo to your social media videos. 

A watermark logo is an image that is placed over a photo, video, or intellectual property either on paper or digitally owned by a business denoting that it is not meant to be copied without permission from that particular business. If your brand don't have one yet, explore DIY tools online such as Logo Design.

Why is adding a watermark logo important for your business?

Increase brand awareness 

When you put out videos on a regular basis with a watermark, viewers' will notice and remember your company logo much more. This can create a positive connection if they enjoy your videos. This also positions your business to be top of mind which improves your chances of increasing sales. 

Reduce content theft and unauthorized use

When you put out videos on the internet it is very easy for someone to download or screen-capture your video. After downloading, one can send it across to anyone and anywhere and this increases the risk of content theft. Unauthorized use can have a direct impact on any company. 

That’s why adding a watermarked corporate logo on your social media video can stop others from using your videos for unauthorized use.

Making watermark logos-How to add watermark logo to social media videos for your business-Clipchamp blog

Also, it’s often easier to crop out corners, edit and manipulate footage but if your watermark logo is embedded in the video where it’d be intrusive to replace or crop out then your video becomes immune to manipulation. 

Receive free publicity if your video goes viral 

The internet is an unpredictable place! If your video gets a lot of shares, there is a possibility that it could also get viral. Going viral can create a lot of opportunities for your business. There might be a lot of people interested in purchasing your product after watching the video. However, if you do not put a watermark logo on your social media video, you might lose out on that traction. That’s why we recommend watermarking your social media handle in as well.

How to add a watermark logo to social media videos for your business?

Step 1. Create a Clipchamp account or log in

Before you begin, you need to create an account with Clipchamp, or simply log in if you’re already an account holder.

Screenshot of Clipchamp Signup

Step 2. Create a new project

Click on the Create a video button on the top right corner of Clipchamp Create’s window. The editor will automatically open in 16:9 video ratio. If you’re aiming for YouTube or widescreen viewing then we recommend using a 16:9 ratio. Alternatively, you can select the ratio that suits the needs of the social media platform on which your brand plans to upload the videos, by clicking on the 16:9 ratio box to make other options available.

Step 2-How to add watermark logo to social media videos for your business-Clipchamp blog

Step 3. Add Your Video files 

To add your video files to the video editor you can either drag and drop the video files or can browse your files on your computer or cloud storage by clicking on the Add Media button found on the left sidebar of the video editor. 

You can also use Stock footage by clicking on the left side bar Stock button. Scroll through the endless stock footage folders or type in a keyword into the search bar. Once you have chosen your footage, click on the + button to add the stock video to your media library. 

Step 3-How to add watermark logo to social media videos for your business-Clipchamp blog

Step 4. Create your video

Drag and drop your video footage into the editor. As your ratio is 9:16 (portrait), you will need to resize your video clip. Click on the video preview then click Crop to fill and move your clip freely around the screen. You can also trim the length of your stock video clip by dragging the green right sidebar. 

Step 4-How to add watermark logo to social media videos for your business-Clipchamp blog

Once you’ve added your video files into the editor you need to rearrange, trim, and edit your video accordingly. You can add video transitions, stock footage, AI voiceover, and some filters to your video to create a perfect video. Once you have finalized your video edit we can proceed to add the watermark logo of your brand.

Step 5. Upload a logo to use as a watermark on your video

Click on the Logo button on the left side menu to upload your brand’s watermark logo. Choose your watermark logo file from your computer and it will be uploaded to the editor in no time.

Step 5-How to add watermark logo to social media videos for your business-Clipchamp blog

Step 6. Position and customize your watermark 

Finally, we have everything arranged and we’re about to add your brand’s watermark logo. Before locking on a fixed position you must keep in mind the purpose of your watermark logo on your video. If you are putting the watermark to avoid unauthorized distribution then you must put it in the center with a reduced opacity. If you’re putting it up on your regular videos you can choose either corner of your videos. You need to click on the transform button at the top of the video editor to resize, change the position and customize the opacity of the watermark logo on your video. 

Step 6-How to add watermark logo to social media videos for your business-Clipchamp blog

Step 7. Export and Share

After adjusting and adding your brand’s watermark logo to your video you can recheck the video throughout to finalize the edit. You can click on the export button in the top right corner to save your project. It will ask you to choose a resolution, select the resolution size and compression for fast upload speed on social media. Click continue to start the export.

Step 7-How to add watermark logo to social media videos for your business-Clipchamp blog

Not having a watermark can have serious repercussions that are often beyond our hindsight. It is only when we face certain issues, we try to find their solutions. Jerry uses Clipchamp’s video editor to edit and add watermark to videos for the business. Be like Jerry and Sign up for Clipchamp, it’s free!

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