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Instagram Reels for small business marketing

Posted March 7, 2021
Written by Rithesh Raghavan
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Are you thinking about how you can generate engaging short-form videos on Instagram to help market your small business? 

When it launched, most people received and treated Instagram Reels as TikTok. Others have argued that Instagram's latest upgrade has a hidden aim of neutralizing the TikTok growth. Either way, Instagram Reels can impact your small business positively. Either way, Instagram Reels can impact your small business positively because according to HypeAuditor over 53% of internet users are active on Instagram and this is a huge audience. 

Instagram Reels-Instagram Reels For Small Business Marketing-Clipchamp blog

Consumer expectations keep evolving, and the one billion individuals using Instagram per month have already started using this new feature. Why not join them, and share Instagram Reels with your followers on the Instagram Feed and use the new ‘Explore’ space to share these clips with the international Instagram community.

If yes, then Instagram Reels should be your next area of focus. With Instagram Reels, you can post three to thirty-second videos with audio and more creative tools.

Read along to learn more about Instagram Reels and how you can use them to generate more sales with your small business. Let's get started!

What do Instagram Reels mean?

What is Instagram Reels-Instagram Reels For Small Business Marketing-Clipchamp blog

The majority of Instagram users got introduced to Instagram Reels in August 2020.

But, what does an Instagram Reel really mean? 

Instagram Reels refer to super brief videos that run at higher speeds or in slow motion. Instagram Reels allows you to add several super brief videos in one Reel. We’re sure you’ve come across common Reels such as clips like DIY projects or outfit changes.

Instagram understands that most new brands are always challenged when starting out with using the platform. These brands always find it hard to build a reach, and Instagram usually blocks high-volume hashtags because of spamming. This feature limited businesses of all sizes in finding new audiences.

Instagram Reels can fix this problem because they allow your content to appear on the Explore tab, a feature similar to what TikTok offers.

With TikTok, you can access more audiences quickly by only developing engaging content. Most non-marketing individuals out there have developed TikToks featuring thousands of views.

The primary difference between Instagram Reels and TikTok is that Instagram Reels get displayed on the Explore tab, Instagram profile tab, and Instagram feed.

In general, Instagram Reels refer to short-form videos of three to thirty seconds. You can film Instagram Reels within a Reels camera or upload them from the mobile device's camera roll.

Furthermore, you can film Instagram Reels as a series of clips joined together or as a single full take.

Also, Instagram Reels fall under mobile-only videos, and that means you can upload them on mobile devices.

There is a high probability you have interacted with Instagram Reels, even if you never identified them. You can identify Instagram Reels by checking the icon featured on the video's lower-left side while going through your Instagram.

You can also discover these Reels by the icon featured on the video's upper-right side while going through another individual's Instagram profile.

Moreover, you can see Instagram Reels in your Instagram home feed if the person you follow uploads a reel.

Instagram Reels working principle

Working Principles-Instagram Reels For Small Business Marketing-Clipchamp blog

Creating Reels for your small business is a simple and hassle-free process. If you act quickly, you stand in a better position of creating top-notch Instagram Reels within one minute.

1. Select audio content

Within Instagram, you will get music options for Reels, similar to what the platform offers for Stories.

Remember, there's no need to select a song. You can decide to go with the original audio featured in the clip.

Another pivotal point to keep in mind is that you'll receive an Instagram credit if you use original audio content. People are likely to use the audio after posting public Reels.

2. Choose an AR effect

Similar to the Stories case, you can scroll along the user-generated augmented and Instagram-created augmented reality elements for your Reels.

Moreover, you don't need to apply one AR filter on all your clips within one Reel.

3. Use the hands-free timer

With Instagram Reels, you can record videos for up to fifteen seconds and get a three-second running start with the hands-free timer. As a result, you can create videos independently without seeking help from a friend.

4. Align everything

You're likely to stop the video clip before the fifteen seconds are over to divide it into several scenes. Here, consider taking a note to realign everything as required.

5. Choose the correct speed

Another critical thing to consider when creating Instagram Reels is the speed. You have the option of adding your preferred speed changes to different Reel parts.

For example, you can start the clip with a 1.0x speed and then move to 0.5x, especially for the scenes you plan to highlight.

6. Include sticker(s), text, tags, and share

Instagram Reels gives you access to stickers similar to those offered for stories. These include tags, GIFs, polls, brushes, and more.

After adding these stickers, share your Reel, and it might get displayed in Explore feeds. Besides appearing on your Instagram timeline, you can also save or upload Instagram Reels to your Instagram Story.

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Why use Instagram Reels for small business marketing?

Do you always use TikTok for your small business marketing? If yes, then Instagram Reels expose you to the same feeling. 

So, why should small businesses use Instagram Reels to achieve their marketing goals?

Let's see!

1. More visibility

More profit-Instagram Reels For Small Business Marketing-Clipchamp blog

One excellent feature associated with Instagram Reels is that you can share Reel to a specific Explore space.

Besides this, brands and users can post the reels to the Instagram Reels tab featured within their feed. However, you can only enjoy this feature only when having a public Instagram page.

2. More shareability

If you share Instagram Reels, you will realize that the clip will also get displayed on the Explore spaces with the same AR effects, hashtags, or songs featured in your video. Through this, it means you have a hassle-free way of getting more likes and followers.

3. More creativity 

Instagram Reels allow you to explore new video ideas. However, trying something new should not be your top priority if you plan to use Instagram Reels for small business marketing because this means the fastest way to stop sharing consistently or give up sharing consistently.

Consider investing in Instagram Reels you also use Instagram stories and main-feed content from time to time.

4. More algorithmic reach 

Since Instagram Reels is a new feature, by adopting Instagram Reels right now, you will stand in a better position to enjoy an increased engagement and attain big reach that aims to encourage mass adoption due to the algorithm. It’s perfect for small business owners.

Tips to maximize small business marketing using Instagram Reels

Let followers see your product or brand’s real side.

Maximize small business-Instagram Reels For Small Business Marketing-Clipchamp blog

Whether on Instagram or IRL, individuals want to feel like part of the community. When you create a social media community, it's critical to ensure that all those following you feel like friends.

Tell your story and introduce yourself

While in the creative rut, consider developing an Instagram Reel telling your story or explaining about your brand vision.

Instagram Reels give you several ways of making this possible. You can create a video montage using clips you’ve created before, or tell a story by talking to the camera directly and using auto captions

Take each follower behind the scenes

Continue storytelling by creating behind the scenes Instagram Reels. Your followers would love to know what goes on in your day-to-day, while creating products or packaging orders. Additionally, you can make use of dynamic QR Codes on your packaging which when scanned will take your customers to a video conveying your brand's story.

Create before and after Instagram Reels

Before and after clips create an intriguing effect, and most people find it satisfying to watch them! 

Include tips and tricks

Tips and tricks-Instagram Reels For Small Business Marketing-Clipchamp blog

No matter the form of small business you run, you surely have some tips and tricks that you’ve picked up on your business journey that can be interesting to your followers. But, remember to keep it short and sweet. You can share the tip/trick and allow your potential audience to comment about it.

Ready to Reel? 

Instagram Reels is a new strategy that you need to adopt for enhancing small business. Get started and use the opportunity to reach more potential customers within the shortest possible time.

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