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How to Make Video Ads for Facebook

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How to make video ads for Facebook

Facebook is big-time friending video. Why? Because it works. Video is not only more dynamic than still images and text, it also achieves much higher reach than static content. Us humans have limited attention spans when it comes to the millions of video advertising messages we are served on the daily - video cuts through, delivering information faster and in a more memorable way. 

Like moths to a flame, video is a solid marketing strategy to engage and convert your audience. It helps spark leads down the funnel and adds fuel to your engagement across social channels.  

Here’s a few affirming Facebook video stats:

Ready to make like Thomas Edison and get on the moving image? But maybe you don’t have the budget for a big production or the right editing software? 

That’s exactly why we created Clipchamp. Call off the film crew and check out our range of video templates to easily create your own video ads or, for a quick fix, check out our instant Facebook Ad Maker.  

Now, let’s scrub forward and get the lowdown on Facebook video ...

How to create a Facebook video ad

The step-by-step

1. Navigate to the top of your profile page and select “Create Ads”.

2. Select the campaign objective “Get video views”.

3. Define your audience, budget, and ad schedule.

4. Upload your video. 

5. Lastly, insert your killer headline copy above your video, preview it, and then watch your video views come rolling in!

How to step it up

  • Go straight for the punchline - grab attention the first few seconds. 

  • Include your branding as early as possible - within the first 3 seconds is ideal.

  • Have a catchy title (headline) to spark interest. 

  • Put your CTA in the middle of the video - at the start can be off putting, and the end can miss views, but the middle is the sweet-spot for viewers.

When it comes to managing and tracking your ads, say hello to your new colleague, Ads Manager. They’re a stickler for the detail, but aim to get results!

How to create a Facebook video ad

Types of Facebook video ads

Here’s a handy breakdown of the various styles of Facebook video ads and sizes via Sprout Social

  • Facebook Feed ads - prime real estate, these videos will appear on both mobile and desktop.

  • Facebook Carousel ads - a great way to showcase your brand with multiple videos.

  • Facebook right column ads - for businesses, this ad format can work well. Keep in mind, while theses only appear on desktop, data shows they have the highest CPC (cost per click) of Facebook ad types.

  • Facebook in-stream video ads - different from regular feed ads, these last just 5 to 15 seconds but have a completion view rate around 70%.

Then there’s Facebook Instant Articles ads, Facebook Marketplace ads and more. Basically, a whole lot of places to get eyeballs on your brand.

Types of Facebook video ads

Facebook video ad specs

Designing for mobile first is king. Makes sense, seeing as over half of the world’s internet traffic originates on mobile.

Here’s the 411 on Facebook video ad resolution, plus more nitty-gritty:

Recommended size: at least 1,280 by 720 pixels

Aspect ratio: 9:16 to 16:9. 

(note: 1:1 square videos use the screen space more efficiently, but the vertical aspect is a key consideration for mobile).

Video file size: 4GB max.

Maximum video length: 240 minutes.

Recommended length: Facebook recommends videos that are 15 seconds or less.

Recommended format: GIF, MOV or MP4.

Check out Facebook video requirements for more on delivering on-point ads. You can even try out 360 Video

Facebook video ad specs

Facebook ad text

What about character? We get your brand has loads of it and lots to say, but when it comes to Facebook ads, keep your word limit in check. 

Facebook limits the amount of text you can have in your video ad and varies with the types of video. For the 85% of Facebook videos that are watched without sound, be sure to enable captions.  

Video ads with a link can have: 

  • Headline: 25 characters.

  • Description: 30 characters.

Remember: Not all titles are created equal - you want your headline and description copy to tell people what they should expect to see. Plus, headline and description are what determines how Facebook’s algorithm will help target your video, so be sure to include keywords relevant to your ad.

Facebook ad text

Facebook video ad thumbnail

Lastly, don’t overlook the power of the thumbnail - this is the custom image or frame from your video ad that viewers see first. It’s even more important to have a strong image or frame that grabs viewers’ attention when users have autoplay turned off. 

Don’t forget: The aspect ratio of the thumbnail should match that of the video. Head to Ads Manager to upload your custom thumbnail.

Psst… Ever heard of the Facebook 20% rule? Facebook states that video thumbnail images that consist of more than 20% text may experience reduced delivery. 

Facebook video ad thumbnail

Facebook video ad examples

Okay, so you might not have budget for Keanu Reeves, but you get the gist of how entertaining a short video ad can and should be:

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Written by Rachel Surgeoner on May 31, 2020
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