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How to use TikTok for sales and targeted lead generation 

Posted August 18, 2021
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Selling to Gen Z or Millennials? Try TikTok for lead generation. 

TikTok has a powerful personalization algorithm that influences users to keep scrolling for hours on end. Yes, we’ve all been hooked more than once. But the app’s addictive nature can be a great path for businesses, aiming to gain the attention of a younger audience or simply an audience with a specific psychographic interest.

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Let’s take a look at TikTok’s Lead Generation capabilities and how your brand can make engaging ads to drive response rates on TikTok. Read to find out about:

  • TikTok marketing for businesses

  • What is TikTok's lead generation feature?

  • Why did TikTok launch TikTok Lead Generation?

  • How can TikTok Lead Generation benefit your digital marketing strategy?

  • How to make an engaging TikTok ad that gets responses?

  • How to advertise on TikTok [step-by-step guide]

  • FAQs

TikTok marketing for businesses

With over 1 billion daily video views, TikTok is by far one of the most popular apps among millennials and Gen Z. We’re all familiar with TikTok trends that have gone viral, and likely shared them with family or friends. But TikTok isn’t just purely known for its entertaining teen dance routines. TikTok marketing should be added to your sales prospecting process, and here’s why. 

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Source: Adweek

TikTok has created an original way for businesses to connect with their target audiences to grow their customer base and drive revenue. TikTok ads can be made through immersive, vertical, short-form video, turning them into TikTok sales. Lead Generation, TikTok’s first-party solution, can help businesses reach a wider range of customers and effortlessly drive the conversation. 

Basically, instead of creating a regular TikTok video or trend, businesses can now share important details about their products and services that are appealing to their target audience in just a few taps. We at Clipchamp think it's genius, really.

It's the social media platform keeps us wanting more every scroll, so why not leverage your business on there too?

What is TikTok’s Lead Generation feature?

TikTok marketing has taken over the social media marketing world. TikTok has held its place on top of the social media food chain since 2019, being the most downloaded ever, with over 65 million installs by 2021.

If your business hasn’t included a video in its marketing strategy, you’re missing out on so many sales and lead generation opportunities. 

Tiktok downloads statistics

Source: App Annie

TikTok’s Lead Generation enables businesses of all sizes to create seamless interactions with their prospects to convert them into paying customers. If viewers see your TikTok video and are interested in what you’re promoting, all they have to do is fill out a simple form (including name, email and phone number). 

How can a brand advertise on TikTok?

Source: Netimperative

TikTok will help automatically populate basic information that viewers provide to them, which helps make the experience efficient and easy for the user. Lead information can then be downloaded or integrated with your business CRM to gain a fast understanding of your prospects. 

So what’s the benefit of TikTok’s Lead Generation feature? Businesses will be able to create fully customizable messages that are relevant to multiple customer segments, therefore acting immediately on leads. 

Why did TikTok launch TikTok Lead Generation?

TikTok is forever upgrading its platform to enhance user experience and advertising opportunities

TikTok Lead Generation announcement states, “We want to support and empower businesses on TikTok with seamless opportunities to connect deeply with their customers while ensuring that our community feels comfortable and safe on the platform.” Adding, “As such, we’re constantly building upon our platform, policies, and suite of ad products to empower businesses to tell their story while safeguarding the information of our community and securing our platform and users’ data”. 

How can TikTok Lead Generation benefit your digital marketing strategy?

TikTok Lead Generation is an additional social media platform test to generate further leads and sales.

With social media ads becoming extremely popular but also more expensive, TikTok Lead Generation is offering a cheaper alternative for targeting policies and algorithm insights. Digital advertisers can create more leads and optimize campaigns using the platform. 

Andrew Hutchinson from Social Media Today says, “TikTok Lead Generation ads are a great addition, registering the information of engaged viewers for future reference and campaigns. That can also help you build more accurate audience personas for expanded ad targeting, and guide your content focus moving forward”. 

TikTok’s powerful combination of relevance and engagement creates a pleasurable experience for viewers and enables them more receptive to brand messaging and calls-to-action.

TikTok outperformed the competition on multiple levels. TikTok In-Feed Ads achieve 23% higher detail memory than TV ads, while TikTok TopView ads outperformed TV by 40%. 

TikTok Ad Formats Vs Media Type

Source: TikTok For Business, Editorial Team

How to make an engaging TikTok ad that gets responses?

TikTok ads have changed the way viewers think about ads and challenged traditional marketing methods. They’re fun, entertaining and on-trend. Plus, it’s relatively easy to go viral as a brand on TikTok. Brand accounts don’t need millions of followers to get millions of views with TikTok’s unique algorithm. 

So how exactly can your business create an effortless yet effective TikTok ad? With Clipchamp online video editor, you can make beautiful and informative video ads that will be driving sales in no time. 

1. Create TikTok ads in a vertical format

TikTok has a vertical platform by nature. To optimize your user experience, all videos should be aligned with the vertical TikTok ad specs of 9:16 aspect ratio

1. Create TikTok ads in a vertical format

2. Engage your audience from the start

Your viewers will keep on scrolling if you don’t catch their attention from the very beginning of your ad. Eye-catching video will hook your prospects and keep them interested. Make sure to mention your target audiences’ pain points first up and quickly how to solve them. 

Clipchamp’s stock library has thousands of entertaining videos to choose from if you’re lacking content. 

3. Keep videos short and sweet

TikTok ads are best to be kept under 60 seconds or less. Your business should aim to get its message across between 10-25 seconds to gain greater engagement. 

Your viewers are likely to keep watching and turn into paying customers if you’re participating in a TikTok trend they’re already engaged with. Explore the latest trends, music, effects, dances or challenges to outperform your competitors. Drive customers through relatable content. 

Stuck on TikTok ad ideas? Don’t worry. Clipchamp has ready-to-use video templates for any business. 

5. Add captions to TikTok video ads

Many viewers will be watching your TikTok ad with the sound turned off. If you don’t add captions, they are likely to keep scrolling as they don’t know what your ad is all about. 

By captioning your TikTok videos using Clipchamp’s captioning tool, you’ll be able to connect with more people on the platform and create an inclusive environment. Clipchamp is the OG captioning tool for TikTok videos. Whether you’re in video marketing or creating content for fun, the Clipchamp video editing app can take your video to the next level.

Hot tip: Batch create videos 

If you’re a small business, it’s likely you are running lots of different departments and don’t always have time to create engaging video ads on the spot. So when it comes to planning, recording, editing and scheduling video content for TikTok, you take the stress out of this time-consuming process with a simple tactic—Batch create videos

Batch creating social media videos in advance is super simple with Clipchamp.

Batching content will save you valuable hours and money, as well as keeping your customers and followers entertained with relevant content.

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Make professional videos in minutes

How to advertise on TikTok [step-by-step guide]

Is your business ready to save time, money, and generate leads? Read on to learn how to use TikTok’s ad feature to increase conversation, tailor messages and get immediate results. 

Businesses can create a TikTok ad campaign or promote an existing video on their profile. 

Step 1. Create a TikTok For Business account

To create a TikTok ad campaign, your business must have a TikTok For Business account. If you do not have a TikTok business account, you can create one for free today. 

Make sure you have installed TikTok Pixel before you begin. Without a TikTok Pixel, it'll be very difficult for you to create a campaign. You won’t be able to tell TikTok the data it needs to be successful, and you must have the ad platform to create an ad. 

Step 2. Log in to TikTok’s ad manager

To start creating TikTok ads and TikTok marketing, you’ll need to head over to TikTok’s ad manager, on your desktop. Log into your TikTok account. You should be able to see your TikTok ads manager dashboard.

Step 3. Create your TikTok ad campaign

At the top of your dashboard, click on the Campaign tab. Once the Campaign tab is opened, you will see 3 different tabs. Campaign (the objective), Ad Group (target audience) and Ad (the video you want to show viewers).

Click on the Create blue button under the first Campaign tab. A new window will open once you have clicked Create. You can now create a new ad campaign or use an existing ad that you’ve previously created. 

We found this process is similar to Facebook Ads Manager. 

Step 4. Choose your TikTok ad objective

Choosing the right advertising objective is key. Select the option that best suits your needs. You can select Reach, traffic, App installs, Video views, or Conversions. We recommend selecting the Conversions option. 

Rename your campaign under settings, and select your budget. Click Continue when ready to proceed to the next step. 

You can now rename your ad group, make sure your TikTok Pixel is installed, select your optimization event (button click for a form) and select your placements. 

Step 5. Select your TikTok ad target audience

It’s now time to select the audience you want to target with this TikTok ad. You can create a custom audience. Select your demographic, location, gender, age, languages, interests, behavior (who likes, commented, engaged and shared) and category. 

Step 6. Select your TikTok ad budget

You must spend a minimum of $20.00 per day. Select your TikTok ad schedule—we recommend running continuously. Select the time of day you want your TikTok ad to appear. 

Make sure you click Optimization Goal for Conversion as you want people to click as their action. You can also select a bid strategy if you desire. 

Under Billing Event, be sure to click the Impressions option as you want to be charged per impression, not click. This gives your business better insight into who is engaging with your TikTok ad. Click Next to continue. 

Step 7. Add your TikTok ad video and submit

It’s now time to upload your video ad. You can upload an existing ad you’ve created with Clipchamp from your desktop files, add a video from your video library, or create a TikTok ad directly in the ad manager. Select your thumbnail or upload your own. 

Type in your business name under Display Name and a short description of your business, product or service in Text. Select your call-to-action then click Submit.

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More questions? We've got answers.

FAQ 1. How many countries is TikTok available in?

TikTok is available in over 150 countries, has over 1 billion monthly active users and has been downloaded 200 million times in just the United States alone. 

FAQ 2. Who is TikTok’s target audience?

If your brand’s audience is anyone from the ages of 13 to 60 years old, TikTok should be your go-to social media marketing app. TikTok’s Australian audience demographic is 51% male ad 49% female, ageing from 16 - 64 years old. 

Yes! Add your clickable website link into your TikTok bio to make it super easy for potential customers to view your website or store. All you need to do is go to your profile, click edit profile and add your website link. 

Make TikTok business ads with Clipchamp now

If your business is looking to further its sales and generate more revenue, TikTok is the right platform to be on.

Just by being present on the popular social media app, your business can pull in leads without spending heavily. Share your video content on TikTok today and create engaging ads with Clipchamp. 

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