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How To Build An Audience For Your Vlog

Posted May 22, 2019

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When watching YouTubers vlogs, many of us wonder how they are receiving so many views. What makes their vlog so entertaining or special? Why watch theirs and not others? These successful YouTubers have most likely built and sustained a strong and positive relationship with their audience.

This article will guide you with tips on how to create an audience and maintain a strong relationship with your vlog supporters. Experience is not needed, passion and willingness to succeed is. This article will cover:

  1. What Is A Vlog?

  2. How To Start A Vlog

    • Consistent Vlogs

    • Effort Is Key

    • Credibility

  3. Engaging With Your Audience

  4. Viewers Feedback

  5. Build A Community

  6. How Can Clipchamp Help You?

1. What Is A Vlog?

So what even is a vlog you might be asking yourself. A word and action called “vlog” came about by the two words video blog combining. It is a form of web entertainment that has become exceptionally  popular in the past five years. Vlogs are often embedded videos with text, images and other metadata. They can be recorded in one full take, or edited / cut into multiple different parts.

One person or a group of people usually regularly post short videos in order to create a vlog channel. These people are called “vloggers”. Popular vlogs are posted daily or weekly, and can sometimes even become a full time job. Never underestimate the power of a vlog.

2. How To Start A Vlog

Generally the best vloggers know what they are good at, what gets them views and what their community likes and dislikes. Viewers will always look for a specific genre when watching vloggers. Once the viewers is hooked on your consistent content, there is no looking back. When thinking about how to start a vlog, consider  popular topics, such as family, personal lifestyle and advice on a video platform. Successful vloggers usually tune into their viewers and create videos that they know their audience will watch.

YouTube is fastest growing social media platform for viewers trying to seek solace and guidance by YouTubers or vloggers. Creating unique yet relatable content is key when starting a vlog as YouTube is now overflowing with the same style of vlogs and videos. It is in the creators best interest to produce videos that stand out from the rest, as this is a large part of gaining traction in views and subscribers.

Start with an Influencer Beach Vlog Template – made professionally by Clipchamp

Consistent Vlogs

YouTube actually provides an algorithm to encourage a consistent uploading schedule. With vlogging consistency, brands will view your uploads on a regular basis, leaving them to believe your work ethic to be positive and motivated, therefore more likely to promote their product. Viewers are also more likely to see your content with the more uploads you create.

For example, YouTube sensations, The Dolan Twins having just under ten million subscribers, have a dedicated uploading schedule that they stick to every week. By having a weekly upload every Wednesday gives their audience something to look forward to every week, keeping them engaged and their view time high.

Editing Is Key

A good quality vlog is key when it comes to getting views and upping your subscriber count. Viewers do not want to watch a choppy, all over the place, unstable video. If the vlog is created with camera equipment such as a tripod or stabiliser, the views are instantly more likely to go up over a vlog that is created with a hand held camera. Careless, boring editing will obviously compromise in views.

If you’re stuck for ideas, Clipchamp offers a wide range of free video templates to help with your inspiration and creativity. Being creative, unique and a little out of the box with your editing style will grow your views faster than you think. For example, famous YouTuber Emma Chamberlain is only 18 years of age, with just under 8 million subscribers does not necessarily have the most outgoing, interesting vlogs. It’s her editing style that attracts viewers to watch. Relatable content to a younger audience. By adding in silly transition effects, text, sound effects and originality is key.

Here’s an example of how you can make your vlog intro or outro more entertaining:

Add this cool retro video to your vlog.


The vlogs audience is looking for credibility in the products that the YouTuber might be promoting. If the viewers sees that the influencer is actively using a product over and over again, they are more likely to purchase it rather than from a one time promotional video. Surprisingly, vloggers opinions are much more valued than a magazine editors opinion.

There is a strong influence between vloggers and their audience, therefore forming a trusting relationship between the brand, to the YouTuber, to the viewers/consumer is key. The integrity of your vlog should always be in the forefront focus, not the money you are receiving from the brand.

3. Engaging With Your Audience

To have a successful, growing viewer count on your video or YouTube channel, content creators must make the effort to show interest in their viewers and their opinions. By asking viewers to ‘comment below’ with their personal opinion, respond to polls, questions or even giving shoutouts are ways to encourage interaction between vlogger and viewer.

There are multiple different ways to interact with your audience, even through other social media platforms. To gain long term success and build a community, taking an interest in your viewers and making the effort is exactly what you need to do.

You can even use social media automation software to schedule your content and videos in advance to keep your users engaged where it's possible to schedule posts for the entire month at once.


4. Viewers Feedback

To build a bigger audience for your vlog, it is very important to ask for your already existing viewers feedback. By asking the viewers what they want to see next, who they would like to watch a collaboration with, how to improve the vlogs and if they like the style, gives you a great insight into what you are doing right and wrong. It also makes the viewers feel a sense of involvement in your content creation.

Constructive criticism is the best way to develop and grow your vlog audience as you are essentially giving the people what they want to watch. The bottom line is, you want to make your vlog audience feel a sense of value which only takes your thanks and gratitude being voiced and shown in the video. Physically tell your viewers how grateful you are for their feedback and support.

5. Build A Community

To gain followers and views, you must dedicate some of your time everyday to building a social community. By consistently replying to comments and engaging with fans and viewers is a vital step to building that community. Make sure you frequently check your comments, interaction and mentions from your viewers, and reply to them with a kind message back or a question to ask them. By replying with a question, it furthers the engagement with the audience. Having a consistent reply rate will make others go online as well to check out what you are replying and have conversations with you.

This gains followers and views. Replying to comments isn’t the only way to interact, YouTube Live Stream, Instagram or Facebook Live, Question and Answer Videos, Twitter Chats or even running a Giveaway are all great ideas. Building a community isn’t complicated, it just takes a lot of time and effort on your behalf. Although, it is well worth it and rewarding in the end. Building a community will help further views, engagement, subscribers and help reach social media milestones. In addition, some useful strategies for promoting blogs can also get applied to vlogs.


6. How to Edit a Vlog?

Building a sustainable audience involves a lot more than creating a community and interacting with viewers. Making sure your videos are edited with ease and are entertaining, aesthetically pleasing, creative and on trend is key.

Clipchamp can assist you with their online video editing software to create the best video in the fastest, easiest way possible. Supplying ready-to-use templates for vlogs, all within a flexible video editor that lets you truly make each template your own, Clipchamp Create has got you covered, from stock music and effects, to transitions, filters and more.

Here are some examples of Clipchamp’s vlog templates:

Edit these Clipchamp Travel Vlog Video Template

Edit this Urban Outro Vlog Video Template


For more info on YouTube vlog video specs, see our latest blog The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Videos.

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