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Video Transitions and Effects - Best Types for Youtube, Instagram and Facebook

Posted November 24, 2020
Written by Milind Mehta
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Want to be at your creative best when making a video? Use video transitions as a great tool to unleash that creativity and add personality to your video. Transitions bring depth to a video – it’s like the extra slice of cheese without which a burger tastes incomplete! Adding video transitions and effects is a process in video editing that spices up your video instantly.

We want you to make most of the latest video transition effects so here’s what we’re going cover in this blog: 

  • What are Video Transitions?

  • Most Popular Video Transitions

  • Top Video transition effects for Youtube videos

  • Free Video transition templates to enhance your videos

What are Video Transitions?

Video transitions are used while video editing during post-production to connect two shots. A transition is applied between two clips.

A video transition can be as basic as a simple cut where one shot is replaced by the other. However, when you want to set a mood and stylize your narrative or play with time then you definitely want to use more artistic video transitions. 

Video Transitions Effects Example GIF Clipchamp Blog

Video transition effects can add a distinct personality to your videos

A script is considered to be the backbone of a video but the video needs to be edited well to suit the tone and pace of the script. For proper execution as per the mood and tone of the script, video transitions play a huge role.

The transitions determine the way the pace of the video clip is perceived by the audience. For example, a 20-minute drama show can feel like an eternity but a 90-minute action flick can feel like it ended too soon. Action movies have fast cuts and drama movies have simpler cuts.

If you’re building your Youtube channel or a brand, consistency in the transitions are a must as the audience immediately reconnects the look and feel of one of your videos to the others.

Video Transitions and effects can easily help you achieve the desired look in a blink of an eye. 

The video transitions used in movies are slightly different from digital video. Creators have more liberty to play around with the video for social media. The art of good video editing is knowing when to use which transition as per the requirement of the script. 

Fade In and Fade Out

A fade In is usually used at the beginning of a shot to gradually 'Fade into’ the next frame, whereas ‘Fade out’ is applied in case of an exit frame that is mostly the last few frames of the last shot of a film to begin the credit roll. 

Fade to Black Video Transitions and Effects Example for Video Editing


A dissolve transition overlaps two different shots while ‘dissolving’ from one to another. The two shots (at the transition point) fade into each other pretty seamlessly thus giving a smooth feel to the video.

The length of this video transition can determine the passing of time between two scenes or the change of location.

Dissolves are used to grab more attention by matching objects or similar scenes that fall together smoothly over each other creating a ‘wow’ moment for the viewers. These are also used for transition to ‘dream sequences’. 


The zoom video transition is used to dive in/out of the subject, and is excellent to instantly grab attention! It's usually used in Sci-Fi movies or dramatic digital videos.

A 'zoom in' is when we move closer and switch to the next shot and a 'zoom out' is when we move further and switch the shot.

It is also used to switch quickly to the next shot, this sets up a quick pace on the screen.

Zoom In Video Transitions and Effects Example for Video Editing


The wipe transition moves the frame from one side of the screen to the other while moving on to the next shot. This video transition is used to switch locations or showing simultaneous events taking place at the same time.

It also creates a sense of tension and when used at the right place according to your script.

Wipes can be from either direction and can even open up from the center mimicking the look of curtains being drawn. 

Wipe Down Video Transitions and Effects Example for Video Editing

Whip Pan

A whip pan transition is used in a pan shot where the camera pans quickly creating a blur effect between two shots.

These video transitions are pre-decided and are usually used to show the passing of time or in between a fast-paced action sequence.

Top Video transition effects for YouTube videos

When it comes to Youtube videos, video effects and transitions stand out due to the shorter duration of the videos compared to film.

Youtubers keep innovating while keeping the brand style in mind as there are numerous ways to play around with video transition effects.

Let's take a look at a few YouTubers who use video transitions often to depict which are the top video transitions and effects for the platform.

Being a filmmaker himself Casey Neistat’s YouTube Channel consists of vlogs that are super crisp and nothing seems forced.

If you have a look at one of his videos that we have here, you’ll notice a montage as well as a lot of transitions being used to spice up the intro that’ll have viewers hooked from the beginning. 

One of the most beautiful videos on the internet is Leonardo Dalessandri’s ‘Watchtower of turkey’. We believe it’s definitely one of the best videos that makes use of Video transitions and special effects.

The video is a combination of some great camera work and sound design along with perfect use of video transition.

This video contains almost all the possible transitions one can use, it matches one shot to the other so seamlessly it almost seems unreal! Take a look.

Matt D'Avella ’s  Youtube Channel preaches about minimalism and revolves around habit building and lifestyle. His Video transitions are super simple and easy-going keeping in mind he is a minimalist. His videos are soothing to the eyes because there’s no forced effect to glam them up.

This teaches us about keeping our video transitions and effects subtle and minimal, as overdoing them would ruin the look and feel of a video such as this one. You must consider what goes best with your script.

Top Video transition effects for Instagram and Facebook videos

Compared to Youtube, Facebook and Instagram have much more traffic of micro-content. That's why we believe using video transitions on these platforms should be well thought out.

Our video experts believe the number of transitions should be judicious as the transitions might appear forced if it's overdone.

  • Simple cuts, basic wipes, and fades work the best for day to day videos.

  • Zoom, Spin and fancy transitions can be used for dance/fashion-based videos that are longer in duration.

Free Video Transition templates to enhance your videos 

So, now that you know about so many video transitions, it's time to try them out yourself!

Our free online video editor with no watermark has all the pro features and the transitions that you need to create an impression. Some of our recommended transitions for you to try are Cross Blur, Tiles, Ink, Wipe Left, and Glitch, among our wide library.

Transitions Effects Available on Clipchamp Video Editor

Clipchamp makes these video transitions and effects extremely easy to use. Want to learn more about applying transitions to your videos? Take a look at this super handy Step by step guide on how to add transitions and fades.

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