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Record high-quality webcam videos securely and online, with no external downloads required.

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Free and secure recording software

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Record webcam online

Capture your device audio and webcam with no software downloads required. Make webcam videos using internal or external video cameras on Windows and Mac devices. Record as many videos as you like in 30 minute sessions, with guaranteed privacy and no watermarks.  

Enjoy video recorder AI tools

Improve your next webcam recording by removing awkward pauses and long silences with silence removal. Become a more confident speaker through valuable video insights like tracking your pace, pitch and any filler words using speaker coach.

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Generate subtitles and transcripts

Make your webcam videos more accessible and easier to follow on mute using the subtitles generator. Accurately transcribe your camera audio, no matter your accent or dialect with downloadable SRT transcripts.

How to use the webcam recorder in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Click on the camera recorder

  • 2

    Select your microphone source, camera, and speaker coach

  • 3

    Click on the record button to start recording

  • 4

    Preview, save, and edit your recording to the timeline

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An image of a user clicking on the record button.
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Engage viewers and subscribers

  • Record webcam video reactions and express your point of view to make entertaining picture-in-picture reaction videos.  

  • Capture the attention of your followers and share your thoughts in UGC review videos with webcam recorder video filters.  

  • Sit down with your viewers on a more personal level to create Q&A webcam videos with green screen backgrounds.

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Support customers and new employees

  • Create high-quality and informative webcam video presentations sharing company policies and goals using the webcam recorder.  

  • Save time by recording sales outreach and pitches with your webcam online so you don’t have to leave your office to share with customers and clients.

  • Turn complex ideas and product launches into effective demo videos using your online camera and subtitle generator.

An image of a man recording a sales video with webcam and text to speech features.

Teach students virtually with ease

  • Make a virtual connection with students by putting a face to the voice in your online tutorials and lectureswith the webcam recorder.   

  • Record your screen and webcam to share complex topics in minutes and create beginner friendly walkthrough videos online. 

  • Overlay webcam recorder videos on PowerPoint presentations to efficiently make important information stand out. 

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Easily enhance your camera recording online

  • Cut out mistakes and awkward pauses in your webcam videos with the beginner friendly trim tool

  • Amplify your video’s sound after recording using the volume increaser, speed, and mute audio options.   

  • Resize webcam videos and crop away black borders to suit any social media platform using the aspect ratio presets.  

  • Speed up or slow down your camera recording using the speed selector if your video doesn’t play at your ideal pace.

An image of the webcam recorder in Clipchamp.

Want to record webcam videos like a pro?

Learn how to record a video online using our webcam recording software in our step-by-step guide.

An image of the webcam recorder in Clipchamp.

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